Germany / Deutschland

The brief summary of cities I(we) have visited ( is currently being revised! check this page regularly. More photos of cities will be added soon.)


Whose Bike?

In wintertime

Abbreviated as : OLDB

OLD in the Afternoon

Freezing in Oldenburg

Romantic Walking

Location : In the western part of the state between the cities of Bremen, Groningen ( The Netherlands).

My first impressions :

1. It seems to me that there are more cyclists here than in other cities in Germany.

2.It looks “old”, but I also prefer calling it as “Classical City.”



Dortmund and We

A city will look like just a city to native. The photo may look usual to native. Yet It does look unusual to newcomers, at least. Some parts of places in Dortmund are also usual to my eyes, but some are indeed memorable, interesting, and inspiring at some point. Learning to be a photographer myself, I captured the common view of branches of the trees during winter. Those barren branches may not look as beautiful as they are with green, or colorful leaves, yet those branches view shows how life is moving.



Winter in Cologne

Cologne! It is indeed a pretty place. It is famous with its Cathedral,and Schokolade Museum or Chocolate Museum. The picture was taken on the upper part of the Cathedral. You need to take 538 up the stairs to see this view. It was indeed exhausting, killing, making me feel nausea, but it was worth doing for this pretty view!


München or Munich




Xanten 2

2 responses to “Germany / Deutschland

  1. Lulu I ever been in Oldenburg in last Feb. feel misssssssssssssssssss that place so badly now 😀 cant wait to go there again soon

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