The Worst, and the Best (Surabaya, Jogja, Dortmund(Germany))

Another nickname of human being is convenience lovers. However, in order to get the convenience one wants, human often needs to be able to accept the great alteration which might be such a shock to some.

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I Am “Successfully Being Kicked” By Museums

Some museums are too boring to visit, frankly speaking. Some others are worth the second, third visit. They provide you some free password you have to break yourself. If you succeed, then it’s your achievement, yet otherwise it’s your own problem.

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When the “Magical” Dance Becomes Your True Love

The dance is magical as well as absorbing. It is full of memory, good vibes, and immortal friendship. The music is the art people created thousand years ago, and when it echoes in the modern era; it gives me some goosebumps.let me tell you one thing: We welcome you, and do our best to make you feel like home.

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