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Jogjakarta, Indonesia


The U

Dortmunder U

I am currently residing in Dortmund,Deutschland, Germany with my husband and daughter.

An educator, a mommy of a wonderful daughter, a soon-to-be-here baby 😉 , a wife of a loving husband, a daughter of great parents, and a sister of two amazing siblings.

An educator who puts great interests in the following subjects;


I have liked “Writing” since I knew how to arrange good sentences in my native language; Bahasa Indonesia. I have been writing on a regular basis since the new English vocabulary “blogging” was created, and now the word is even provided in English dictionaries, at least some. I have three blogs ( check my “Official Site” on the front page = home.No more blogs pages though!) A few years ago, I had my poetry book published on lulu.com . I do not focus on some specific themes/ subject matters as I write anything I like to write. My inspirations can come from any directions, anytime.

2.Foreign Languages ( English, German- but any languages will follow, hehe)

My interest in a foreign language started when I first learned my first English word “Lion” from a TV show Sesame Street some years ago, quite a long time ago. Then I have come to realize, I like this language. Soon, after I entered senior high school, I was given an opportunity to study Japanese, but then it only lasted a few months before I graduated. I have met good friends from all over the world whom I have met for real, and become friends in my real life. My interest in German started when I started to follow World Cup some years ago, let’s just say I was still teenager at that time. Germany has always been one of the toughest teams to beat in football matches. And that’s where I started to find out more about Germany, and in general German speaking countries.Ich lerne jetzt Deutsch.Mir helfen, bitte!


It seems like it’s not something surprising that most females do love cooking. As a popular Indonesian’s saying ” Cewek tuh harus bisa masak, itu kodratnya sebagai ibu, dan istri.” meaning “It is a must for women to be handy in the kitchen, cooking, taking care of the family as it is their blessings/fate to be a mother as well as a wife.” I am not telling where I stand on this saying, but cooking has been a part of my daily activities at home; I did not like it at first, but it’s like an acquired taste; the more you try the more you like it. Besides, I think it’s fair enough if I can cook to those I love, and for me myself for the sake of my passion for eating.


Where have you been? that’s the most common question asked when I tell people that I like traveling. I am blessed that my father’s job enabled him to move from one city to another, one island to another. I used to move to different islands,and cities. My tongue is mixed, meaning I have tasted the life in different parts of the islands and cities. My ears are open to some local dialects I know and have learned, even only a little bit. My eyes are somehow more open to differences. My nose smells the good and the bad things of certain places. Somehow they are all unique!To me, traveling gives me knowledge I can’t possibly gather in formal institutions. It broadens my understanding on how unique differences are.

Updated : Since living in Germany in 2011 , I have been to some places around Germany (for example : Oldenburg, Köln, Hanover, Frankfurt, München,Bamberg, Würzburg, Augsburg, Xanten, and many more), Austria (Salzsburg),Sweden (Stockholm) and the Netherlands. I travel with my little family, but since this is my blog, I avoid using ‘WE’ unless necessary.


Den haag, The Netherlands


München or Munich in English

We travel because we need to, because distance and difference are the secret tonic of creativity. When we get home, home is still the same. But something in our mind has been changed, and that changes everything Jonah Lehrer

5.Reading =From A-Z!

I am not the kind of person who spends my time reading all the time. I try to read some books, and finish them in not such a long time, so that I can start reading other books in my wish-list. I try to read any books. I think being too picky about what to read is not a wise thing to do. So, yes I try to read any books. When I say I try means I try, not necessarily YES I do read all kinds of books. I am lazy sometimes!

Enough! Now it’s your turn! please go to ‘About You” and tell me more about you, thank you.


11 responses to “About Lulu

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    • Hehe backgroundku fakultas keguruan mbak, dan ak jatuh cinta ama bhs Inggris makanya selalu pake. Blm jatuh cinta ama bhs Jerman nih, duuh gimana ya?:(( tp entar mau blajar lebih. Bentar lagi mau anerkennung, daaan ak baca di blog mbak ada, mau tanya2 nnati malem ya mbak. Danke im Voraus mbak

    • heheheh kebalikannya kita lu, sejak disini saya lebih menyukai bahasa jerman. padahal plus banget lho di kerjaan kalo kita bisa bahasa inggris.

      siip lu mudah-mudahan saya bisa bantu ya….


    • Hhehe, kalau di Jerman, bahasa Inggris gak terlalu dipake ya, justru aku sungkan kalau pake Inggris, sejak disini gak pernah pake kecuali ama suamiku, meski suamiku Jerman, tapi dari awal kenalan 2003 ampe sekarang Inggrisan, habis gimana jadi aneh kalau switch total ke Jerman. hehe, Wah jadi curhat! makasih mbak Melly ya!

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