About You

Hi, thank you so much for being here readers! I would appreciate it so much if you are willing to spare some moments to introduce yourself, so that I can pay you a visit or at least know who my readers are. If you do not have the faintest idea how to start, here are some nice questions you might like to include in your introduction:

1.Name or ID

2. Where you are from

3.Languages you speak

The rest is up to you!but keep your manner, or you will be deleted permanently. Thank you


39 responses to “About You

    • Hehe, your avatar is informative enough to tell me who you are:P
      I love you too sis!
      Thanks for everything

  1. Hi Lulu, we met when I visited you in Surabaya before on my 3rd visit to Indonesia, I like climbing volcanoes and as you write on your page about your country there are plenty of them there, still many mountains to climb!

    • On your third visit? wow I just realized it that you were almost “native” here, hehe. I mean you must have known more than a little about us. Yep! you really should make a list on the next volcanoes to conquer. Such an adventurous person!

  2. Hi, thanks for having a look at my blog.
    I do love Indonesian food. I toured the country a few years ago with a band called Incognito, and got to sample a lot of food from all over the country.
    It’s not quite the same when you buy it in the UK, although I have had some pretty good nasi goreng in Amsterdam….

    • Hi Gourmet Gorman! Your Gourmet “first name” drew my attention, so I decided to go to your blog. I do love cooking as much as I like eating. Hmm I seem to know the band you mentioned, but I am not sure; is it Indonesian band? or how?
      I only took a glance at your posts, and I found something that looked like Nasi goreng. I think the best taste of food is always from the original place where the food is created.
      I am glad you love Indonesian food, that means you do not mind with some spicy food. I’ll follow your blog; it’s interesting.
      Salam dari Indonesia

  3. Hi! I’m from the USA and am just coming by to visit your blog after seeing your post at http://angryaack.wordpress.com

    I’ll keep an eye on your blog as I don’t know much about Indonesia and would love to learn – I’m going to be living in Taiwan this year and want to take a side trip to Bali 🙂

    • Hi Joshua, thank you for coming by. I hope I can present some information about Indonesia that you need.
      Bali for holidays will be a good idea:-) I have posted something about Bali here.

  4. United states and I speak English, although I dabble in Russian, a little bit of German, and a rudimentary knowledge of written Tamil (random I know). I’ve also come up with various scripts of my own invention for entertainment/decorative purposes. Linguistic freak!!!! -j.p.

    • Hello the USA!
      It’s always nice to meet linguistic freak!:D And it never fails to make me smile when I meet someone who can speak more than one language:D two thumbs up for you!

  5. Hi Lulu, what a wonderful blog. I loved your post about the Indonesian flag. I’m American but I have lived in the UK for 12 years now. My husband is Australian. I consider my children citizens of the world…

    • Hi Ninakilham
      Thank you for dropping by,and reading my blog. How do you cope with different vocabulary there? I know there are some differences in vocabulary.
      I love meeting mixed couples:-) and I am on the same boat as you; children being born from mixed couple like you are indeed citizens of the world even though the USA and Australia share the same language.
      You are welcome to drop by here anytime
      Thank you once again!

  6. Hey Lulu, thanks for dropping by my blog. Mencari info tentang nikah dengan WN Jerman, nyangkut di blogku? Kok bisa ya, hahaha… But do leave another comment with your e-mail address, in case you want to talk about that. I’ll be glad to share info. Oh, and I am an Indonesian, married to a German, and currently living in Yemen. Languages: Javanese, Indonesian and English. Currently making my teachers frustrated with my German and Arabic ;p

    • Iya, gara2 sering browsing ttg topic itu, hehe. Sure, I will contact you again Tereasa, apart from all the needed info I got from your site, you write so many nice things.
      Thanks for being here:-)

  7. Josh, from New Zealand. I’m trying to learn Tagalog, I think I have a decent enough handle on English now after 22 years to be able to branch out a bit 🙂

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  9. Hi Lulu,
    Really feel lucky to find your blog 😀 okay we just met but I feel we have a chemistry. don’t know why, but just my feeling 🙂 I like write too but i still write everything only in my Diary:D my Fav writer is Zara Zettira ZR and I feel so bless now we such a good friends. hope we can be a good friends too ya Lulu
    Bis Dann

  10. Hi Tuti,
    Thanks Tuti! + thinking is always welcome. It is good to know that you like writing too. Do you have any blogs? or you mean ‘old’ diary? i did that too but only for sometimes. I like Pramodya Ananta Toer: I have several of his books. And of course we can be friends! Drop by anytime! and perhaps you can start blogging too? hehe

  11. Hallo Lulu, ich bin Nella. Ich wohne in Sinheim. Vielen Dank dass du in meinem blog ein kommentar gegeben hast. Entschuldigung, ich kann nicht mehr gut englisch schreiben 😆 .

    • Hallo Nella…das ist ja toll dass ich dich kennenlernen kann. Das ist kein problem! Ich schreibe auf Englisch weil ich nicht mein Englisch vergessen möchte. Ak udah follow km jadi kita bisa kontakkan. Schönes Grüsse von Do.

  12. Hallo Nella @pursuingmydreams. Salam kenal yaa dari Bremen :)) aku suka baca blog kamu Das ist wirklich SUPER und WOHL . Salut buat tulisannya dan jadi bikin aku semakin semangat untuk nulis juga 😀

  13. Lulu gak terasa sudah setahun yah kita kenal hehehe semoga bisa ktemuan soon ya lu kita 😀 dari baby Niki masih di perut dan skrg mgkn sdh mau bisa jalan dan ngomong baby Niki nya 🙂 as usual i always enjoying read your Blog lu ❤

    • Hihi iya Tut! Die Zeit vergeht sooooo schnell! Hoffentlich treffen wir uns bald. Danke ya!

  14. hallo lulu,

    saya kayka, tinggal di salah satu kota di tetangga Bundesland NRW, Hessen sejak tiga tahun yal.

    udah tau lulu sejak dari blog satunya lagi gegara postingan pelaporan perkawinan luar negeri. trims banget karena tulisannya udah membantu sekali ketika baru-baru ini ada kesempatan untuk melaporkan perkawinan kami.

    dan masih terus belajar bahasa jerman nih lu….


    • maap mbak, ketunda2 bales nih hikhik, Syukurlah kalau blog aku yang lain bisa bantu mbak. Masalah hukum emang rumit ya apalagi antar dua negara, Yok belajar bareng Jerman, aku juga kok.-

  15. Hai lulu,
    Terimakasih sudah main ke blogku dan follow juga 😉

    Aku Melly di Mannheim. Tulisanmu keren iiih, salut deh dengan temen-temen yang pintar linguistik. Soalnya aku termasuk yang cepet faham dan cepet bablas kalau berurusan sama bahasa. Jika disuruh milih, mending ngerjain eksak daripada bikin essay bahasa asing >_<

    Sejak belajar bahasa Jerman, bahasa Inggrisku yang cuma sedikit bisa, mulai mundur teratur. Semoga mampir sini jadi semangat ikutan nulis dengan bahasa asing.

    salam hangat yaa dari Mannheim 🙂

    • Mbak Melly, aku seneng bisa ketemu blogger Indonesia yang tinggal di Jerman juga, apalagi beda lokasi hehe, seru bisa tau disana gimana. Waah kebalikan, aku kalu kena angka hitung2an malu2in deh hehe. Apalagi kalau ada diskon2 gitu mikir lama dulu hihi, payah ya.
      Makasih udah follow dan mampir juga mbak
      Salam dingin hehe karena udah dingin dari Dortmund

  16. Hallo mba Lulu, salam dari indonesia, jalan-jalan dan berhenti di blog ini..Sangat menarik untuk dibaca-baca. .Herzliche Grüße

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