When A Memory Failed to Remember

Six years ago, I was happily pregnant with my first daughter, and as many new parents, they bought anything necessary for the coming baby, sometimes they were so overwhelmed that they even bought unnecessary stuff. That afternoon, my in-laws who live in the Bavarian areas( Germany though)were coming visiting us and helping us transport baby furniture since they own cars, and we don’t. This playpen or ein Laufgitter inGerman, caught my attention. My first impression was that it was simple, nice, sturdy, and the best part of all it wasn’t costly to our budget. The seller said that this playpen was just for a display purpose, and if we wanted to have one of the similar one, we had to order and wait for some days, which wasn’t a good option for us. They could though let this playpen go, but without an instruction booklet.The in-laws were here to help us with the transport and the set-up of the baby furniture. I think we just did not want to be bothered with all this furniture again and again, so we decided to grab this playpen with even a discount, which made it even cheaper.

Six years has passed so fast, and the second baby landed in this world. When our first daughter was in her second year of kindergarten, we decided to declutter her room a bit, including taking off all the playpen, which took quite a space in her room. This afternoon, we set up this playpen and ended up remembering where we saved the manual. Even though, I keep all the furniture manuals in one binder to make it more organized, but still we did not find the manual. The internet came in handy as we found the PDF version of the manual of a similar playpen. We even didn’t find the screws and all the like of this playpen easily.

It wasn’t actually difficult to set this up! But since all the problems we had, it took longer than necessary. The lesson learned, never count on your memory alone! Write and write! Stick a note to things need remembering. Some people forget about password s of this and that, but it never happens to us anymore since we always count on written notes. Have your password book, keep it safe and never will you forget about them anymore! The same as this manual thing, be more organized, stick a note anything that you think you will never forget.

The little Nara is having fun there! She has been practicing her muscles standing up there while holding the playpen.

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