The Winter Battle

​Many Indonesians are not into cold weather, the reason is simple : They are not used to it. They prefer warmer weather, because they have been living in such condition of weather for long before they move to a country where winter can be extreme, like below -7 degree celcius for example. However, there are some Indonesians, who prefer colder weather to warmer one. I am one of them. Having lived in Germany for 6,5 years, where winter can be extreme too sometimes, depending on which part of Germany, I always wish for a snowy winter! I always wish for the temperature to go down below zero! brrr, yes that kind of freezing feeling makes me feel great!

Some people fail to understand why I love such cold winter, but winter does not come the whole month. So, when the winter month comes, I cherrish it every moment even though, there are the downsides of winter time as well.It is probably easy to explain why I love winter, but to me who likes winter a lot, I finally dare write the downsides of winter.

It’s probably too extreme to use ‘What I hate about winter’, so I am trying to rephrase it in a different way. How about: The Battle in Winter? I hope that does not sound worse than ‘What I Hate About Winter’

  1. Snowy winter gives a wonderful view of winter white wonderland, where the grass and trees are covered with these white furry snowflakes. However, when the snow starts to melt, the streets become rather slippery, and for that you need proper shoes. The shoes that can grip firmly on the ground, so that you won’t fall. My first experience with snow wasn’t all fun. Back in 2009, when I came to Germany for the first time during winter, I fell down successfully on my butt while walking through a slippery road due to the melting snow. The reason was because I did not buy proper winter snow. Well, how could I? Since I bought them in Indonesia where proper winter boots aren’t sold there! Yep it was just a pair of cute boots I bought. So to anyone, who doesnt want to experience falling on the butt during winter with melted snow, please please spend extra time to look for proper boots that have grip on the sole! Forget about the fashion-catwalk-look boots!
  2. Snowy winter makes a chaos on the schedules of some public transportations. Since we don’t depend on personal cars to commute here, we depend on the relatively-good German public transportations, so . The extreme chaos may end up in cancellation in all the buses, trains, or U-Bahn routes. The real battle is that you’ve got to think of the way out to be able to be on time at work, for example.
  3. Grey grey grey sky! Once in a while doesn’t affect people’s mood that much, but if that goes on like two weeks in a row, really no sun coming out at all, not even a slightly blue sky at all, just grey grey and grey, that will affect to people’s mood. The feeling of laziness, not wanting to go out and just sleeping wrapped with a warm blanket are the real battle! People have to go out for grocery, work, school, etc!​
  4. The snow is too little! I have no idea how nature works! 5 years ago at this time of the year, the snow was still falling even though it wasn’t that much either! When the snow is too little, my winter wonderland is just a piece of dream. Germany isn’t the ‘best’ place to seek for thick snow!​

2 responses to “The Winter Battle

  1. Hai Lulu kalau aku sih sudah ga terlalu ngarep sering turun salju, jalanan jd licin banget, repot kalau pergi sama anak kecil 😀 . Btw selamat ya buat kelahiran anak keduamu. Si kecil sdh umur brp bulan? cewe apa co?.

    • Haha iyaaa, Dec lalu ya sempet merata seluruh Jerman dan bbrapa negara Eropa salju turun lebat. Itu dia licinnya yg gak suka. Makasih mbak, udah 3 bulan, cewek juga mbak. Ben jealous gak ama adiknya?

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