Autumn is around the Corner

Herbst or Fall or Autumn is already around the corner! it is officially started on the 22nd of September 2017, but the weather tells differently. It is around 12 C as of I am writing this, and has been windy since the last three days. In Germany ( does not mean to say exclusively that what I say later doesnt happen anywhere else, mind you!) all the stores have been decorated with Herbs decorations: golden leaves, igel or hedgehogs characters, pumpkins, and anything else related to Herbst.

At home, I usually decorate the home seasonally.​ Decorating home seasonally boosts my mood, and it makes the home feels like you know architectural home. I have nothing extra ordinary things to prepare for myself the coming Fall, but I do need to check some warm clothes for my kids whether the current ones still fit, or whether they need new items.

I nearly always go out every day, regardless the weather. One of the reasons that we have to always check the weather forecast and ‘Regen radar’ in advance. ‘Regen radar’ is a tool or a website which enables us to check about the prediction when the rain comes our way, in that way we can prepare going out before the rain comes to us. The weather can be changeable within minutes, but the weather forecast and ‘Regenradar’ have helped us so far.

I think this is just a short blog today! I need to run an errand, and decorate the home as well.

So meanwhile, let me say ‘Be joyful welcomng the ‘Herbst’ ! and stay warm !’



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