My Childhood Shapes My Parenthood

resized suppeHow nice it is to have everything prepared for you, especially when you are knackered. How nice it is to just sit relaxingly, while others have everything done for you, including preparing meals. When I was younger, as young as I was 5, I remember seeing my mom cook for the family, I remember smelling the delicious aroma filled in the room, so delicious that it made my stomach rumble. I remember eating wholeheartedly tthe food my mom cooked until I felt like I wanted to have more and more portions. I remember offering a helping hand to my mother when she cooked, but most of the time she asked me to play or just look, a bit of tasting was okay as well.

I have been brought up in a loving family when I was a child. All the memories, in this particular post I’d like to share are all related to food and kitchen department. Oh yes, my mom cooked for us almost every single day, and I do not remember ever eating not so yummy food. Once in a while we did go out and ate outside, but the frequency of eating homemade food was more constant, so constant that my best memories were all about my mom’s homemade food: delicious food!

I decided to plunge myself in this department when I was on my second year of university, so it was around when I was 21 years old. Early in the morning, I shopped then cooked and I tried as fast as I could, so that I could attend my morning classes in the university. My mom was already feeling tired easily by that time, so yes I took in charge cooking for the family. When people asked me whether I only cooked when I moved here to Germany or after I got married, you know the answer now. I am now a blessed mother, and a wife, who loves to cook for my family. I cook homemade food almost every day, even though it’s only a simple one.There are of course some bad hair days in which I do not even have any interests at all at finding recipes or going to the kitchen to start cooking, and when the bad hair days strike me, I usually suggest my husband that we go out or order something, but luckily that these bad hair days do not often strike me.

When I was 31, my first daughter was born, and since that I have brought her with me cooking in the kitchen. I put her in a playpen when she was old enough to be put there, and from there she could see me cook while I gave her some toys to play with like wooden spatulas, plastic spoons, and all the like. I was at the same  time playing with her and cooking. I made conversation with her about the food I was cooking, like :

I : You know what I was doing? I am now chopping some garlic, it may smell bad for you, but it makes the food yummy!

My daughter ( who at that time could not respond with words yet, because she was still not talking. She only talked when she was 11 months)

My daughter is now 5 years old, and whenever I cook, she often comes to me and asks me whether she can help me with something. I sometimes let her do simple things like washing veggies, or stirring some sauce, sprinkling fried onions. She sometimes brings her toys to the kitchen, so that she can talk to me while I am  cooking or  she is just simply looking at what I am doing.  She is such a talkative girl, so yes, it is actually not just looking, but she always asks me questions related to I am doing. At the end of the course of cooking, she often asks me whether she can taste it. I seldom hush her away to play in her room for example. When she wants to see me cook, I try to engage herself in what I am doing, sometimes I even ask whether she wants to help me with something.

Even though I have been cooking for more than 15 years myelf, I will never claim myself as a profesional chef meaning I often lose gut when I have to serve guests with homemade food. My daughter actually gives me that title ‘The best chef in the whole world’ as she always says that the food I cook is all yummy. YUHUU! now that is the best title I could get from someone as pure as my daughter.  At the end of the mealtime, she never forgets to say : ‘Mommy, your cook is sooo yummy! you are the best chef in the world’ then she rewards me with hugs and kisses. I really have no idea where she learns that from, but she is definitely a very sweet daughter, isn’t she?


Being a mother is one of the best things to happen in my life, really! I feel like I am needed, I feel like I am loved no matter how I am. I feel like I have to give the best, and one of them is providing good and nutritious food for my family. I feel the need to introduce how homemade food is somewhat healthier than restaurant food. I do not know whether my mom had this idea as well, but to me now that I am a mother, I limit the time going out to eat at restaurants, because I do not want my kids’ taste buds love outside food more than they will love homemade food. WIll I want them to spend their time at the kitchen? that is not actually the question to be asked, but the point is that I am trying to shape their mindset that healthier food is found homemade at  home, because you know what you put inside for example. And I think my mom whether or not she realized it, has influenced me, she has shaped my parenting in this kitchen department, and I am forever grateful!


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