To My Kids

I am rather in a melancholic mood after having heard the song from Portugal. The song that won the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. I normally am never satisfied with the result of the winner, but THIS TIME, yep T.H.I. Y.E.A.R is  the best year of the Eurovision Song Contest I have witnessed since I relocated to Germany in 2011. This kind of song isn’t everyone’s taste, but really this one deserved a crown! Normally, as usual, nearly all the songs sung in the contest are fireworks songs, the energetic songs, and this song that just won beat the stigma that music is always a firework, it is not! just like the singer Salvador Sobral has stated that music is not a firework, it’s feeling. I know that everyone has different tastes on music: some do like fireworks music, so in love with them that even they got earaches when hearing this kind of soulful music, and on the other way around, people who are more into, I’d say, calmer songs, find this song is touching.

I have been even listening back and forth the English version and the original one,which is obviously in Portuegese. By the way, Portuegese is such a pretty language.

So, while listening to this music, I do talk to my kids, and here is a bit of poem I wrote for them:

To My Kids


If life isn’t like what you expect it to be

Never shall you degrade yourselves and immerse yourselves deep in tears


If life is leaving you alone from the people you hope will love you

Never shall you forget,  that there is this called Family

My kids

Someday, soon my dear somewhere you all will be growing surrounded by only and only Love

My prayers never leave you

My love and Papa’s love will always guide your ways

To endless journey of beautiful life

To a life when tears are only happiness tears

For every hard life there is a point of eternal happiness


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