You’ve Been in Germany Too Long If…(Part 2)

DSC006351.You prefer buying wooden toys to plastic toys.

Plastic toys are believed to contain some and certain ingredients that could contaminate both the environment and the health of your children. Yes, the Germans are very concern about the environment, not all but most Germans are. Plastic toys are obviously cheaper than wooden toys, however many Germans consider wooden toys are the best option for children regardless the expensive prices. Wooden toys are better for the environment, and for the health! Hmm, changing one’s mind to become an environmentalist!

2. You don’t get offended when a person, say, at the bakery doesn’t say thank you to you.

In my country, people at small supermarkets, bakeries, often say thank you (because I shop there, and when they don’t say it, I at that time would probably say : oh what a rude man! ) but here in Germany saying ‘Thank you’ or ‘Danke’ after you shop never happens. Instead they will say ‘Schönen Tag noch’ means ‘have a nice day’. or ‘Auf Wiedersehen’ means ‘See you again!’. But in case they do not say it, it’ just because the day is so hectic, so many people are waiting in line that they need to be quick serving other customers. All you can do is saying ‘Schönen Tag’. or ‘Danke’ or ‘Tschüß’ and if you get offended for not getting  a reply, even though you see it’s a long line behind you, then you have not lived here long enough.

3. You pay attention to the calories, sugar intake and all the like.

I am up to this moment, feeling clueless sometimes when people who eat, say, my cake ask me the estimation of calories of the cake I bake. SOmetimes they ask just by and by, but most Germans pay attention to what the food contains. People often take time checking the ingredients behind the package of products.

4. You Think Döner Kebab is the fastest solutionmerkel_doner_kebap

Yep, instead of the most delicious thin layer of Italian pizza: the original is the best!. You also consider buying Döner Kebab for emergency. It’s probably like ‘instan noodles’ for Indonesian!. Photo taken here: Döner

5. You consider Sunday is a BRUNCH TIME

Like on my first post here Part 1 Having Been in Germany Too Long : Sunday is a ‘Sonntagsruhe’ meaning there are no malls (if any, FYI, Dortmund has only 1 mall that only has 3 floors, however there are many department stores, but mall, yep only 1:)) because shopping at the mall has never been the tradition of the German people!), so since all big shops (malls, department stores, all banks and offices any kind of services, but hospitals )are closed, so yes there is no use of getting up early to catch up some big sale in the department stores or malls. Oh yes, you don’t even need to think of groceries, because groceries stores are also closed! So Sunda is a lazy day, a BRUNCH time. You only get up at 10 or 11 ( if you don’t have small children. who need to be fed early;))

6. You are wondering what Credit Card is? (in a restaurant?? come on!)

Unlike in many countries, from which the stories I heard, or Sweden the country we ever visited, the Germans people prefer paying with cash. I agreed! why bother using card if it’s only eating a small cake and a big cup of chocolate milk that only costs, say, 5 €? oh even going to a restaurant with few people, the Germans prefer paying cash, in that way, they can usually tip the restaurants according to the services, the food, the ambience and so on. So if you are  a newcomer in Germany, especially those who are from countries that are used to credit cards to almost single thing, please bring cash, because even a few restaurants only accept cash. What’s wrong with paying cash, by the way??:). As the Germans say, “Geld stinkt nicht.” (“There’s nothing wrong with money.” lit., “Money doesn’t stink.”)

7. Giving tips in the restaurants becomes your normal routine

Giving tips as an extra bonus for the restaurants we go to, or hair saloon, or even a clinic becomes normal for you. In Germany this is called ‘Trinkgeld’ and for my Indonesian readers, you can translate this as ‘Uang Lelah’41FKMHH990L._AC_UL160_SR160,160_

8. You become irritated when the buses, U-Bahn or other public transportations are two minutes delays.

The first year I was here, I was surprised when I noticed my husband got a bit irritated when the U-Bahn (underground train) was late 2 minutes. I commented ‘Oh come on only two minutes!’, and he got surprised ‘Only??, but then we had to be in a hurry to catch the next U-Bahn which may be on time, We only have 1 minute to change to another track.’ Hiyaaa! and having lived here 6 years, I know the feelings. Yes, (most) Germans ar  ON TIME.

9. You make sure you bring your house key with you, or else you will be locked out!

10. You are used to going to a dentist

I have to say German health care system is absolutely amazing! it makes me speechless most of the time! and speaking of going to a dentist, once you go to a dentist, you will literally be forever monitored by the dentist. You will have regular cleaning twice a year or three times ( in some cases). Appointment over appointment will be made!

Costs for your yearly dental health routine are covered by all standard medical plans. This includes two annual check-ups, dental clearance (Zahnsteinentfernung), and basic fillings. You may, however, have to pay for more expensive fillings (e.g. ceramic inlays) or extra cleaning measures from your own pocket.

Part 1

4 responses to “You’ve Been in Germany Too Long If…(Part 2)

  1. Rather similar to where I live mbak Lulu. Oh yeah…bener nggak sih orang jerman katanya cenderung very private atau reserved. Mungkin ini generalization ya 🙂

  2. Similar in which way? I always think the US and Germany are way too different. Aku suka liat vlogs2 orang Amerika atau Inggris yang tinggal di Jerman dan ngebahas perbedaan2 Jerman VS US, mungkin karena dulu aku kuliah Imggris jadi suka baca atau denger darI vlogs tentang ini, Dan menurut aku beda US ama Jerman itu sangat beda.Kalu Jerman ama Austria mungkin mirip Mar
    ena letak geografisnya yang berdekatan.Bener Germans very private dalam artian mereka menghargai privacy, tapi begitu kenal banyak juga omongnya,makanya ngeVLOG disini gak sembarangan. Plus aku tdk ngepost poto2 anak ama suami dimana2, kalau Lily pas liat IG oramg Jerman banyak dari mereka yg kalapun post foto anaknya wajahnya di blurred, atau dipoto dari belakang.

  3. No.1 suamiku banget tuh, maunya beli mainan dari kayu. Harga sih ga masalah buatku, yg aku ga suka tuh mainan kayu klo jatuh bikin sakit kupingku. Krn kita tinggal di dachwohnung aku wanti2 anakku klo mainan2 dari kayu jangan di taruh di atas meja yg tinggi, ntar kita di semprot orang bawah klo ribut 😀 .

    No.9 kejadian tuh sama aku pas natal. Sangking buru2 dan sdh malam pergi dari rumah lupa cabut kunci. Keluar duit 700 eur buat buka pintu dan biaya lain2nya gilee bener dah haha, akhirnya skrg pintunya dipasang silinder supaya bisa dibuka dari luar walaupun di bagian dalam terpasang kuncinya. Mau ceritain hal konyol ini di blog belum sempat 😆 .

    • heheh iya bener mbak, kejatuhan itu yang sakit ya, tapi emang kualitas yang mainan kayu itu bagus, biasanya dari HABA ya disini. Aku diusahakan beli yang dari kayu sih meski gak semua bisa, kayak lego.
      Nyebelin banget ya mbak kunci ketinggalan didalam, udah bikin stress. Sekarang aku bener2 udah wanti2, kunci2 atau meski cek kompor juga apa dah mati semua, sebelum keluar rumah.

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