How I Define Happiness

Everyone has her or his opinions on what happiness is. Nothing is wrong and nothing is better than the other.

To me, happiness is:

  1. Knowing that my health result due to my big surgery turned out to be very clean, and for that thousand of thanks to God will never be stopped spoken.
  2. Seeing my daughter becomes more and more confident with her languages other than her primary language German.
  3. Getting shower of kisses from my daughter as she says ‘You’re the best mother in the whole world’ Ayy, you melt my heart every little second.
  4. Getting hugs and kisses from my beloved husband. Words are not  necessary spoken!
  5. Finding out that my orchids are blooming or showing that they are going to bloom with their baby roots.
  6. Knowing my family in Indonesia is all fine and healthy.
  7. Having abudance of inspirations for my journaling.
  8. Knowing that my family loves my food, especially my 4,5-year-old daughter who always says ‘Bunda (mommy) you cook great food.’ Yes an honest and straight opinion, say it ‘yummy’ when it is, and say otherwise when it’s not.
  9. Hugging and cuddling with my daughter.
  10. Listening to WDR 4 with all those easy-listening music until 12 AM
  11. Having some plans ahead instead of just going with the flow.
  12. Last but not least : Winning games when playing against my husband, who often wins! I  know that can be annoying losing 4 times in a row!

Every day is a blessing, and no matter how hard I try to jot down all the blessings, I will always fail, because it’s absolutely uncountable!

What’s happiness for you?

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