Simple Rules Rule Me


This isn’t probably a post with a lot of information to give, but this is a reflection of what I have been having.SO, it’s kinda contemplation post, which I hope to be my self-reminder.

I have been through a lot of nice and bad moments in life. All those memories stay, because I choose them to. I have tried making simple rules in my life, even though I sometimes do break my own rules. OK; ‘Simple’ is probably not the right word, because I make the rules based on my bad moments in life. Some people, who are easy going might respond ‘ Take it easy’,but in fact, there are always two opposites  sides of a coin, which means  I am one of those who are not easy going. I know some easy-going people would frown their foreheads and call me ‘freak’ , ah well.

So here’s what I am going to tell you:

  1. I make mistakes, everybody does. If I think I do make mistakes I say sorry. Here’s my rule of the possible respond I might  be getting and how I deal with it : When he or she refuses to forgive, it’s not my problem actually. It’s his or her problem dealing with his or her moral issues. I have done what I have to do. If even I am being treated unfairly, I do ask for clarification to ask the reason, but if I am not responded, it’s definitely  not my problem at all. I can smile happily, because I have made piece with myself.
  2.  When people make mistakes, and say sorry to me, forgive them wholeheartedly, because even God is so forgiving, why  shouldn’t I?. When I say wholeheartedly means that I do not cut the relationship, or become distant.
  3. Before bed, say some prayers to those who love you and whom you love. And do not exclude those haters! I am a firm believer, so yes, love your haters will bring so much positive energy in your life. In the end, you will win, not against anybody, but against your anger.
  4. Remember that Karma always does its work secretly, so be careful with what I say and do.
  5. Last, but not least: try to read more good news instead of bad ones, because reading bad news tend to affect to my energy, and health.

I have tried to commit on blogging more, and sometimes vlogging in between.

That’s it today! I love you my haters! God bless you,



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