Parenting is a Skill

My inner monologue, and re-evalution of my being a mom of a great daughter!

  1. When my daughter wants me to play with her,  I should always be there for her, and talk to her.

And what if you are busy doing something else?

Having ‘worked’ at home as a stay-home mom (6 hours daytime, and literally can be 24 hours!) , I should learn to manage my ‘Working time’ to get all things done before she is home from kindergarten! so when my daughter comes home from kindergarten, she can have me for as long as she wants.

2. But, you need to assist your own needs as well

I know! I know exactly how importamnt it is to assist my own needs for my self-being. In case my daughter insists on my being there with her, try some ideas where she agrees to your idea to play alone for sometime, because you need to do some simple stuff, like making a glass of tea maybe?: Ask her to join me make tea, perhaps she wants some too?


3. If your daughter uses her tears as a weapon to get what she wants, whatever that is, sometimes the best ‘weapon’ on your side as parents is simply a HUG.

I know I should learn to talk less and give her hugs and kisses even if I know she is using her crocodile tears.

4. A small kid’s job is testing your limit of patience as parents. No means NO, however it is sometimes easier said than done.

I learn to speak to  her at the same eye level as hers, if possible a bit lower, so that my daughter won’t feel intimidated when I say No firmly to her. If she is being a strong-headed, I learn to take a deep breath and talk less. And if she keeps on testing me, it’s time to have a lot of talk, and a lot of hugs and kisses.

You see, being a mom means that I learn to fix my own mistakes. It is wrong to say that it’s all kids’ mistakes! and parents are always right. Being a mom means I need to re-evaluate myself and my parenting style, because I know that family is a team work! A successful family needs a team work, in which the member is not reluctant to fix his or her problem, is willing to change for the sake of the family.

I hope I am being a good mom for my kid(s)!

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3 responses to “Parenting is a Skill

  1. A strong willed child needs a parent who is stronger than her, or she cannot feel she is safe in the world. And no, you do not have to be available to be her playmate every hour of the day she is not in school. May I recomment a fun book? Bringing up Bebe (sorry, computer won’t do accents) by Pamela Druckerman. It is about an American mom discovering the sanity of child raising in France. I wish I had had it when mine were small.

    • Sorry for the late reply!. I agree, a strong-willed child needs stronger parents or I’d say more disciplines parents. Thanks for the recommedation! I’ll take a look!

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