All of a Sudden…

All of a sudden …

  1. when I walk by some streets, I smell some Indonesian foods!. Hmm somebody must have cooked Indonesian foods, or  there might be some Indonesians living nearby the streets I just passed by, I thought.
  2. I feel like cooking only complicated Indonesian food, which I normally don’t bother doing for the kerffufle the recipes  might  be.
  3. I feel like browsing some flight tickets going back to Indonesia! Oh yes, at least three months in advance may help you get reduced prices. It isn’t cheap sadly to say!
  4. I smell the smells of PECEL every where! feeling like eating it on a banana leaf, THAT’S IT!
  5. I smell the sultry weather I will feel soon I land on the land of beauty Indonesia! Oh yes, my beautiful Indonesia!
  6. There is a pang of homesickness in the heart when I hear some patriotic Indonesian songs, especially this ‘SURABAYA’ oh and when the song is being played on my mind, I remember my childhood, my beloved family, and the first time I met  my husband! AWESOME is the right word to describe all!
  7. I feel like browsing some cities or islands in Indonesia we would lilke to visit! NO NO NO not BALI again! It’s just a bit too tourisic to our lonely taste! It might be Jogjakarta this time for I want to introduce our daughter her cultural heritage : oh yes kid, you are an Indonesian and you are also Javanese.
  8. I feel like grabbing camcorder Panasonic HCW something, I can’t recall the series at this moment, for the sake oy my TRAVELOGUE VLOGGING: I am a baby,and I will continue being a baby that learns new things every single day.
  9. I smell INDOMIE every where! Isn’t that strange how this delicious unhealthy instant noodles always remind me of my homeland? Ah well, at least many people do love eating them, but please invite the healthy veggies to celebrate the freedom of eating instant noodles.
  10. I want to start making list of gifts and things we will pack for our visit. Oh yes, dear, that includes some toys and common German biscuits and yummy CHOCOLATES for my family and friends in Indonesia. Oh yes, preparing to bring lots of cakes and snacks for our super duper cute smart active daughter for the long haul! We might try flying from Düsseldorf airport this time.

Oh dear, I guess I just feel the euphoria of going back to Indonesia for a short visit, I hope soon. I know time flies! and God speeds it up!

Bless my family!


2 responses to “All of a Sudden…

  1. Aku juga suka banget indomie tp yg goreng sih klo yg kuah kapok ah beli banyak. Pernah beli satu kardus sampai expired ga habis2, sdh aku bagikan banyak ke teman2 kursus juga sblm expired. Sisanya banyak yg kebuang 😦 . Btw selamat berlibur ya Lu 🙂 .

    • heheh iya aku dulu juga gitu, sekarang gak perna beli satu kardus, karena ternyata banyak banget di toko2 Asia disini, ya udah deh beli kalu pengen. Udha coba samyang? hehe tetep ya Indomie ist die beste! Makasih mbak, belum booking tiket sih!

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