Giving Away Vitamin

Every kid loves candy bars for the sweetness flavour they give. If a kid is offered between a candy bar and a fruit, I doubt that a kid will choose the fruit wilingly. This is the supermarket we usually go to here, because of its location that is close to our home and I guess we are just used to shopping here (REWE).

I am not sure exactly when, but I guess,it’s been more than 2 weeks  since this particular supermarket started to give away some fruits for kids while the parents are busy shopping.

‘Wir schenken ihren Kindern ein paar gratis Vitamine während Sie einkaufen’ literally means ‘ We give your kids some free vitamin away during your shopping time.’

My daughter seems to enjoy picking up a fruit,which has always been a banana! And I guess which is also easier to eat while we are shopping. She always gets so excited when picking up a fruit there. ‘Oh ya lecker!’ (Oh ya, yummy!). I am only a customer and a mommy  who does not think that much of the idea behind the free-vitamin in supermarket for kids. I do really think that this is such a great idea. Instead of giving away new products like new candy bars, kids are taught to love fruit. I know how tempting it is a candy bar to kid. I know how less appealing a fruit is when it is put side by side with even only  a small size of a candy bar. Kids need to be taught early that the sweetness in fruits is way healthier than a candy bar that claims to have protein or  nutrient on the label. We need to let the kids’ taste buds get used to the taste many kinds of fruits. We need to turn on the kids’ mindsets that fruits can be such yummy snacks.

I can’t complain that much about the kinds of fruits they offer in the vitamin basket. I think apples and bananas are perfect choices. Kids can easily peel the  bananas and eat them, and bite the apples while shopping with the parents.

I hope they continue doing the program, and even better some other supermarkets will follow suit ( and I hope if they do, they won’t replace the basket with a bunch of sweet candy bars) .

There is a saying an apple a day keeps the doctors away, but to me more than one kind of fruit a day keeps the doctors away.


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