Bubble Bath for Toddler

As a mommy blogger, I do sometimes blog about parenting since anything related to it has become my interest ever since my daughter was born. Speaking of toddler,some parents often wonder whether bubble bath is OK for our toddlers. Bubble bath seems like heaven for adults, let alone toddlers. Playing in the bath while catching bubble bath, sometimes pretending it like cream for coffee sounds like a good idea to spend time relaxingly while we clean his or her body. When it comes to parenting, the answer to almost any problems is probably DEPENDING ON your toddler, ( in some cases except pediatricians), you know your toddler better than anyone else.

I have been reading a lot about this topic of bubble bath for toddler, soap for cleansing the body. When my daugher was around 15 months or so, (She is 3,5 years old now) I did give her bubble bath for the first time. The reason was that bubble bath could irritate the girl’s opening to a girl’s urethra (the tube urine comes out of) since the bubble bath whether it’s from a popular brand or ganic one, has some chemical elements on it. As a result, girls may experience painful urination after taking bubble baths. However, as I have stated earlier, that it always depends on the toddler, and the amount of bubble bath you are pouring in the bath where your toddler sit and play. Some toddlers seem fine, and show no signs of problems with bubble bath. But if after one day or even directly after bubble bath, your toddler, especially girls, show painful symptoms when urinating, then it’s an alert that the bubble bath might be the culprit.

I stopped using bubble bath after that horror scream urinating when she was 15 months old. It was absolutely painful to see her in pain like that, if I could, I would have willingly taken her pain that moment. Last week (by the time I am writing, she is 3,5 years old), I let her play with probably a bit too much of babble bath. To my surprise, that horror scream with water tear out of her pretty eyes came back again. I instantly felt guilty. I thought her skin sensibility has changed over time. But I was wrong! (See, this is why I always say that parenting is a life-time education). OK, I was probably wrong too using a bit too much of bubble bath. However, I remember rinsing her body after bathing to cleanse off the bubbles.



I should agree on some articles I read that soap or bubble bath is actually not necessary for toddler, or before puberty since the skin is still sensitive. Besides, in Germany  where the weather is mostly cool during the year, only in the summer is hot (which lasts only 3 months), I do not need to bath my toddler every day because she doesn’t get sweat too often.

I have made decisions and these will be fixedly noted down on the BOOK of RULES for my toddler, until sometimes. I have been doing these, however I need to be more strict with these,or else I would fine myself. Oh by the way, these might be also on your notes if ever your toddler, especially girls (because boys’ genitals are more protected when it comes to bubble bath, or so I read)

  1. NO more bubble bath! For whoever suggests ‘only a little bit’! No way!. I guess my toddler is smart enough to know the reason why bubble bath is banned for her. Poor her? NO! It’s on the other way around, Poor her if she has to be soaked up in that chemical elements that seem to spoil her with a lot of fun.
  2.  Rinse her throrougly after bath, even if the bath is not soapy water.
  3.  Use soap (in my case once in a while) and shampoo  in the last minute of her bath time. So she won’t be sitting in the ‘dirty’ bath-tub too long.
  4. Limit the bath time for 20 minutes at the most. I sometimes get carried away myself, seeing her play glifuly in the bath-tub. Being ‘too long’ like 30 minutes dries out sensitive skin
  5. Keep the vaginal area dry
  6. Teach your toddler proper way of cleaning herself after peeing

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3 responses to “Bubble Bath for Toddler

  1. It’s true that susceptibility to urinary or genital irritation from soap varies between individuals. However, once you establish that the individual is sensitive, I would not assume that to change with age, except that some who are sensitive lose that sensitivity by adulthood — for girls usually at or near menarche. On the other hand, I’ve known cases where the individual was NOT sensitive to GU irritation from soap UNTIL adolescence, so the change can go either way. I would not have expected any change before the child is about 10 years old.

    There’s also a lot of difference in propensity to cause GU irritation (chemical vulvitis, vulvovaginitis, or male or female urethritis) according to the product’s formula. I invented a range of foaming formulas that could be used by individuals without causing such irritation for the same degree of exposure that irritated them with other soapy materials.

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