Happy Anniversary

Whoa! Happy anniversary!!

I am blessed to have had the passion of blogging since the first time I knew blogging. This anniversary is actually the notification I got from WORDPRESS, however, I have long been blogging since 2003, so the real anniversary is actually 13 years! Oh yes 13 years of blogging! And it’s been AWESOME!
People are different. There are people who are into writing so much that they do not care if they are not paid or do not get any money at all from blogging. If you are a blogger, you know one can get income from blogging as well, only that does one need a real effort to make it come true, there is no such thing as ‘instant money’. Really? HAAA! so if that’s your reaction then, you are not into blogging, you are even not a blogger at all! you are just a passive reader of any articles but blogging world.

Blogging to me has some benefits:

  1. I get to know myself better, like how well I express myself in writing. Writing is a skill that needs some practise, that’s why good journalists or writers need probably sometime, until they are in the heart of people because of their writings.
  2. I have met few good friends through blogging, and some of whom I have met for real life, and have become good friends. It’s AWESOME, you know!
  3. It teaches me to be more critical about myself: seeing my own mistakes through my writing. I seldom publish my writing right away, because I want to take sometime for proof-reading.
  4. It teaches me to be more  attentive, especially when doing blog walking (visiting people’s blogs and reading what they are writing). Nearly everyone can read, but does she or he understand what (s)he is reading? Reading is not the same as comprehending.
  5. I meet great bloggers whose writings I like to read. Those bloggers I meet have shared a lot of information, which I don’t acknowledge before.
  6. It teaches me to read more and more news to broaden my knowledge, especially about the topic I intend on writing.
  7. It keeps my English, the language I have learned academically to become an English teacher, fresh.

Before the new year of 2016 came, I have made a commitment to blog more often than last year. I think, I have been on the right track! If I could, I would write each piece a day, but like I said, I seldom publish my writing right away to give some space for proof-reading.

What you will not find on my blog:

  • You are not going to find my self-potraits, my family’s photos, except the one you see on the HOME page, the gravatar, and a photo profile, at least not from the front view.

What do you write:

I write whatever issues I would like to write, however my blog is free from politics, war world (like which side I am on).

My hopes:

  1. I will be better and better at writing.
  2. I will be more consistent to what I have committed.
  3. I meet more and more great bloggers, who also enjoy my writing.
  4. I will be professional writer (??) Haa! that’s probably a bit too much of an expectation, but dreams do come  true, don’t they?
  5. People are helped somehow with my writing, whatever what they are searching for, they land on here on my primary blog, and my other Indonesian blogs (which seem to be helpful for some people, seen from the rating!)

So, this blog is supposed to be simple! This is just an expression of self-appreciation that I have managed blogging after all this time, and I am glad I am quite consistent. Happy Anniversary!

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12 responses to “Happy Anniversary

  1. happy 8th or 13th Anniversary lulu.
    saya ketemu blog lulu saat nyari-nyari info soal pelaporan pernikahan di catatan sipil. thanks for sharing 🙂


    • Makasih mbak, iya seneng ketemu mbak disini. Sama2 mbak, semoga selalu sehat ya mbak. Schöne Feiertage noch!

  2. Happy Anniversarry kak lulu…
    Waah udah lama banget yak dari 2013 , top !!
    Semoga target dan impiannya semua tercapai aamiiin…

    • Dari 2003 mbak, pertama di Bravenet, Multiply, karena Multiply gulung tikar, dan Bravenet bayar yg Waktu itu ga bisa, akhirnya pindah WordPress. Danke mbak! Saya terus belajar!

  3. looh aku mau nulis 2003 kenapa jadi 2013 *tepok jidat*

    Padahal aku mau bilang, 2013 zaman aku belum mikirin blog sama sekali, yang ada juga pembaca setia blog-blog tertentu yang insppiratif 😉

  4. Buset, udah 13 tahun di wordpress. Salut sama konsistensi nulisnya. Keep writing, happy aniversary telat gpp lah ya.. Selamat 🙂

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