A Little Story Telling From Our Toddler: Zombie

Our three-and-half-year-old daughter has been advanced in a language development since she was 11 months. She started producing one whole sentence consists of three words at the age of 12 months, for example ‘ N (mentioning her name) mau minum’ or ‘N wants to drink’, and it’s been amazingly said in a clear pronunciation. Since  then, she’s been talking like an ICE (Intercity Express-fast train in Germany) train, fast and clear.

Anyhow, she recently told me a made-up story that she claimed she heard it from her kindergarten in the Halloween time, but I somehow doubt it since  the story was rather amusing, and at the same time just strange. I know, Halloween is still long, but she told me this story as we were walking to her kindergarten this morning.

Ready to hear the story? I re-phrased some words to make it easier for you to get the idea of her make-up story.

Once upon a time, there was a little hare, who stayed at home alone because her parents were having some picnic without her. The little hare was a naughty little hare, that was why she was left alone.One night, the little hare was alone in her dark room, and she heard a sound coming to her bed. She was afraid, because it sounded scary. The little hare found out that it was a Zombie. The zombie came closer and ate the bed!. The little hare called the parents, and all of a sudden both of her parents were there in her room.

I  guess it’s not a bed-time story!

My reactions:

  1. Whoaa! did you really hear that from your kindergarten? She admitted yes, but I am 100% sure that kind of story would not be told in any kindergartens. I guess children at this age like to fantasize something,make up stories.Children at this age are also influenced by her surroundings, like her friends for example.
  2. I have never introduced the word ‘Zombie’, which made me taken aback when I heard that word from her. She might have picked it up from somewhere.
  3. I chuckled a bit when I heard she said the zombie ate the bed.
  4. I guess, children  at this age are just simply wonderful in creating make-up stories.
  5. It’s a path of story telling skill either things she sees and experiences herself or things she imagines they are happening  for real.

However, the story she just told me is also an alert to me,that everytime she comes up with make-up stories, I have to be intelligent enough to ask some feedbacks, so that the stories she makes becomes lively regardless how strange the stories might sound. I have to engage myself by asking some questions like ‘How does the hare feel then?’. I did actually ask  her why the little hare was left alone, and she explained because the hare was naughty. There are characters in her stories, there are emotions being shown by raising her tone when she said the zombie came in the room. And there is an ending!

I’ve read some articles about parenting that imagination is one of an important path in toddler’s development. It broadens her vocabulary, and it’s important for her cognitive development as well. For this subject, I am going to spend sometime reading more articles. I might post something related to it.

Till next time!

Image : Hare



2 responses to “A Little Story Telling From Our Toddler: Zombie

  1. kebayang kira-kira gimana cepetnya anak lulu ngomong.
    sepertinya emang udah terlatih ngomong cepet ya anak-anak disini. klo cerita sistematis jadi yang diceritain gak ketiduran. saya klo gak dipaksa-paksa suka males cerita lu lebih seneng dengerin aja #paraaah. maklum klo ngomong lambat dan banyak jedanya mmm, mmm, mmm gitu hehehehe


  2. Gak tau juga sih mbak, ada anak temenku orang Jerman asli ya rada lama ngomongnya, beda2, tapi yang jelas anak2 sini kritis2 dan belajar mengemukakan pendapat ya. Aha sama mbak! saya kalau diluaran seneng jadi pendengar setia sambil kasih feedbacks, kalu suruh cerita, saya grogi hehe makanya nyaman ngeblog ya! ah kita samaan mbak! tos dulu!

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