Preparations Before Surgery

When you are sick and the only option is to have a surgery to make you feel better and be healthy, then you have to take it not only for the sake of yourself, but also for your loved ones. Since I have a 3-year-old daughter, I have to admit that I am a little bit freaking  out with this upcoming surgery, knowing that I might be hospitalized for a week, but of course I hope it will be less, and not more than a week. I have never been away long without seeing my baby and husband for a whole week. The thing is, the hospital where I will be at, is one hour away from our city by public transportations, so I can’t expect them to visit me every day. I’ve been trying to prepare everything  before my surgery comes (the post about what kind of surgery will be hopefully posted right after I do it and am in a full recovery), so that my husband and toddler will have their usual days without any troubles. I know it can be hard to handle a high-alerted toddler, who is not yet fully capable of doing some stuff independently.

I am pretty sure, I am not the only mommy on this planet that feels like this when mommy needs a surgery and has to leave her ‘office’ (home)especially her baby or toddler for sometime. Mommy is a mommy. Since her baby was born, she is used to the kind of living where her mind is full of family and family only. She is used to putting everyone else in the family first. She is trying to make everything ‘perfect’. It’s because being a mommy is not simply delivering a baby, but she has a lot of responsibilities to bear. Many people calm me down by telling me not to worry, because my husband will be in charge of the ‘office’, but for a mommy, this is not as easy as turning a page of a book while telling him ‘OK, I will relax’, it doesn’t work that way!

In attempt to make everything easier while I am hospitalized, I have been making some lists regarding what to do with our toddler, where to find this and that. I have been searching on the internet about what kind of food I shall eat before and after surgery to speed the recovery, and hopefully will enable me be going home to my family sooner than later. I have been making some labels sticked on the wardrobe for my husband to make him easier to find stuff he needs regarding my toddler’s necessities like where to find her hairpins, pullovers, and things like that. Oh yes, a surgery brings me one step ahead to home organizing! Do not read it as an act of underestimating! I fully understand a job of a daddy who already earns money for the family, is at the office 8 hours a day, and thus is not used to such things, at least as not profi as a mommy. I don’t mind doing all these preparations, so that hopefully I can ‘relax’ a bit while I am hospitalized. We’ll see! I guess my mind will still be at home. Home is where the heart is! don’t you agree?

Anyhow, here are a few things that help me feel relax before my surgery:

  1. Preparing needed lists regarding my toddler’s necessities for her kindergarten.
  2. Preparing what to bring for my own need during my stay at the hospital.
  3. Eating good food that help my speedy recovery.
  4. Telling a few good friends the detailed of the surgery.
  5. Thinking positively that after the surgery, everything is  going to a much better direction of life.
  6. Thinking positively that my family will be just doing fine.
  7. Since I am a firm believer, pray and ask the blessing from your parents.
  8. Praying

I really have to let this post out before the surgery! I will update after my surgery comes soon! And of course after my recovery! Meanwhile take good care of your health, and be thankful that you are blessed with health and family!

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2 responses to “Preparations Before Surgery

  1. hallo lulu,

    apapun itu semoga operasinya berjalan lancar ya. soal rumah percaya deh suami-suami kita mandiri. walau gak persis seperti yang biasa kita lakukan yang penting bisa jalan sampai lulu balik ke rumah lagi…


  2. Aamiin allahuma aamiin, makasih mbak! Iya sih mungkin saya kebiasaan aja , jadi begitu ‘lepas’ dari kebiasaan, aneh gitu. Kesehatan emang nomer satu.

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