Dental Cleaning

I should have posted this directly right after I had my dental cleaning for the first time since I lived here in Germany, so that I could catch up with some fresh  new posts that have to come out this month ( I have made a resolution that I  need to focus more on blogging). So anyway, speaking of the dental cleaning I just did some days ago,  truth be told, I only did once of dental cleaning back then in Indonesia. The thing is, this visit to a dentist in Indonesia needs quite a lot of money  in my opinion. I am not sure how it’s done now in Indonesia, but here in Germany, once you pay a visit to a dentist, you will forever be monitored by your dentist. There will be more and more visits to have your teeth checked or cleaned, which is a good thing regarding the health of your teeth and gum. For some cases, like severe damage teeth that requires surgery or long procedures to have the healthy teeth back, are not covered by the ‘Krankenkasse’ or insurance you have, but other than that, it’s all covered. I can be sure that most people are not really looking forward to visiting the dentist or are you?? Every single act (s)he does seems hurtful to your teeth. Well, not that hurtful unless you have some problems with your teeth, some people say so.

The first visit is  all about checking the condition of your gum and teeth in general. Then the dentist will tell you what the problems are and how they are fixed. My first visit was at the same time as when my 3-year-old daughter had hers. It wasn’t that bad with all the checking, I mean it was not that hurtful, and I was almost sure I had only slight problems with my teeth. Well, of course a dentist knows better than I do, the new patient about the condition of my teeth. It wasn’t good news regarding the first check of my teeth , so to speak.

The second appointment was made! Even though, the second visit was already a few weeks ago, it is not something strange that I still remember the feeling of that little ultrasonic cleaner and a water sprayer (to loosen and remove plaque and tartar from your teeth and gums.) did their jobs in the hands of my dentist. Your dentist will then use hand scraper to scrape additional plaque and tartar off your teeth. Good news if your teeth are free from plaque and tartar! but if otherwise, oh boy! you’ve got to sit there on the ‘torture’seat for long, until your dentist confirms you that enough for the first dental cleaning, and see you again in the next dental cleaning (Zahnsreinigung)

After the cleaning, my teeth felt a bit sensitive  to cool and warm water. However, I was glad I felt that my teeth were clean, and fresh. Oh last night, I remember something funny! right after the dental cleaning, I honestly, and don’t mean to overdo that I felt like I did not want to eat anything the whole day, just to keep my teeth clean, especially I knew how hurtful it was when my teeth were being cleaned. However, this dental care step has made me pay attention more to what I eat and how I treat my teeth after eating, say, something sticky, like chocolate bars, oohhh how I LOVE them so much.

At the end of the cleaning, my dentist ‘intimidated’ me by saying that I had clean and better teeth now that most of the plaque was gone, and she couldn’t wait to see my teeth on the second visit of the dental cleaning, which is next week. She said  I should have done more proper care to my teeth or else I would loose all my teeth, thus I had to use an electric toothbrush and interdental toothbrushes every day. I had no idea what interdental toothbrushes were, until I checked them directly at the store across the dentist practice that day. I grabbed a package of 30 small interdentalbrushes! I checked on YouTube  how these brushes do the job,thank God it helped  me!


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Speaking of an electric toothbrush, it is claimed that it helps remove plaque 7 up to  10 X better than the manual one.  It’s a bit pricey, but having it to help remove plaque, is better than having to sit on a “torture’ seat for some LONG dental cleaning, which is hurtful (Even though the pain of it, is not more hurtful than the pain of contractions before delivering a baby, but still this  dental cleaning: the feeling of the ultrasonic cleaner touches my teeth and the gum can be hurtful sometimes and can come anytime , which is similar to contractions that can come unexpectedly sometimes.) Only two days ago did I buy the electric toothbrush after checking a bit of reviews on amazon. I thanked my husband for helping me with this.

I consider having it, is a gift to long lasting healthy teeth. Even though, having it does not mean that I am free from the dental cleaning routine, but still I hope it will reduce the time of the cleaning at the dentist. Oh boy! I dislike the feeling!

I will post more on how it goes with this electric toothbrush! Meanwhile, take good care of your teeth!

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2 responses to “Dental Cleaning

  1. Me too! however, when it should be done then it shoud be done! I am happy having clean healthy gum and teeth, but I never like going to the dentist:D

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