Everyone of us has ever made a countdown in his or her lifetime. It’s interesting to know that every country has its own way of expressing the countdown. It’s like when you hear someone says it, you know that someone is counting down something, is waiting something great is happening. I know that not every case can be translated into English or Bahasa directly. A language does not work that way! Before I came to Germany, I thought that I could just say ‘One more day to go!’ which can be translated into German as ‘Noch ein Tag!’BUT, it does not express the countdown I would like to express. Insteaf of saying ‘Noch ein Tag’, we here express it by saying ‘Noch einmal schlafen’ literally translated as ‘ One more time to sleep’. When you meet a German, or you hear him or her saying ‘Noch einmal schlafen’ then you can be sure that someone is counting down something, he or she is waiting for something happening.

Speaking of a way of expressing this countdown,  I think  Indonesian shares the same expressions as in English, like ‘ Countdown’ or ‘Menghitung hari’, or ‘One more day to go’, ‘Two more days to go’, which can be translated as ‘Satu hari lagi’, or ‘Dua hari lagi’

AND, this German way of saying ‘NOCH EINMAL SCHLAFEN’ is really different! andI love it!

How do you express a counting down moment in your language? Please share! Thanks!

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6 responses to “Countdown

    • Nah orang Jerman itu kalu dibandingkan dengan orang Amerika (yang saya ttahu jadi pake perbandingan ini), orang Jerman tuh lebih kaku, alias kadang expressinya datar hehehe, misal kalu orang Amerika bisa all out, expressi tangan, intonasi juga bisa beda, nah kalu Jerman ya paling senyum dikit terus bilang itu ‘Noch einmal schlafen’ datar aja, tapi kalu aku lebih suka bilang ‘Nggak berlebihan lah orang Jerman itu, biasa aja.’

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