The Storm is Brewing

This is February, and officially it is still winter. However, I have not noticed any snow falling yet in the city where I live (Dortmund), but the weather is cool, and some other days were cold. As I am writing this, the wind outside has been blowing hard, so hard that it makes nice sound. When some people are afraid of the sound and hiding under their blankets when the wind blows hard, I tend to wait for the moment: the moment when I can hear the wind blowing hard, the leaves rustle, see the clouds moving fast, and finally hear the sound of thunder. I feel like I am being a part of the amazing nature. Isn’t that amazing how nature has its own pretty language? and we human are capable of interacting with nature when we want to.

I am pretty sure I am not the only one on this planet who loves to hear the sound of the wind blowing hard. When the wind’s blowing hard, I am hoping that it will continue to do so until it’s time for me to sleep. I think I am going to treat myself a big glass of  hot chocolate milk while enjoying the sound of the wind. Are you with me?

What pretty music you make!

You soothe me, bring my mind to a land of comfort

Your rustle tells me to smile

Nothing to be afraid of, as the world is on the most beautiful state now.

No need to hide and cover your ears as I am only telling you to adore me.

You are within the nature, the unspoken word

Only if you decide to love me,then you can hear the true meaning of a powerful nature

A nature that is full of love





7 responses to “The Storm is Brewing

  1. Sejak di Belanda aku jadi biasa dengan suara gemuruh angin karena disini angin kenceng (dan hujan) sudah bagian hidup sehari2. Suka kaget kalo malam, trus angin kenceng banget berasa lagi dengerin suara apaaa gitu haha.

    • Aku pernah tinggal di Bogor kota hujan kan itu, setiap hari hujan , kilat, guntur, wes sambar2 tapi kok seneng dengernya ya hhehe. Itu dengerin musik Den, musik alam hehe. Makanya enak punya kincir angin disana ya hehe soalnya pasti sering jalan kincirnya karena banyak angin.

  2. saya juga suka nih lu bunyi angin kenceng spt bebunyian dari film horor hehheheh tapi gak klo pas masih diluar ampyun aja serasa mau terbang dan tambah parah klo pake ujan juga. entah udah berapa payung yang rusak.


    • waaah penggemar horror? horror mau nonton asal ada temennya tapi itu pun liat2 jenis horrornya hehe. Ah iya aku baru sekali sih payung rusak, soalnya kalu pas badai diem dirumah minum susu coklat hehe.

    • hehehhehe sama lu saya juga sukanya horor-horor tertentu aja.
      wah jadi kepengen susu coklat tapi nunggu sampe besok pagi deh udah kemaleman.


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