It’s Hard to Say ‘Tschüß’

When it comes to electronics stuff, I am often having difficulty choosing the one I really want. I read reviews, and check youtube whether someone’s making a video review of the product I’ve been looking for. There are numbers of reasons why I am often stuck when choosing, say, food processor. I realize that nothing’s perfect, and those reviews sometimes only give me more headaches. It’s crazy how one review can be so different from others, I believe some are called ‘Paid Reviewers’ probably from the competitors. They are paid to give negative reviews. However, these aren’t actually about those reviews, but I am on the position of having to read some again, and compare from one product to another.

It was almost 4 years ago that I had this Philip Avent mini mixer. When I bought it, it came along with all of these things  you see in the picture. I did a lot of reviews before buying these set. The below jug on the bottom right is meant for nuts, for example. I have had  this mini mixer for almost 4 years since my daughter was born. At that time, I used the mixer mostly for making my daughter’s baby food. I did introduce solid food when she was 4 months old, but the food needed to be very smooth. Soon after she began to eat what we eat (6 months- Babylead weaning path!), I did not use the mixer for making her food anymore, but I used it to smoothen some ingredients I uses for my cooking ( Indonesian coookings). I have to say that I love love the result a lot! the machine doesn’t make loud noise, it’s small and cute.

Only today did I find out that my mini mixer I have been in love with was  broken! I’ve got to be honest I was sad! not only has it memory of the past for it reminds me of the time when I pureed my daughter’s food, but also it gave me the result I felt satisfied with.

I hate to say Goodbye to this machine! I might just keep it for a keepsake or I can tweak it and use the jug for storing stuff, I know what a crazy idea!

And I hate to be on the situation where I need sometime to read reviews, and compare products of food processors, or similar mini mixers to replace my Phillip. However, the thought of grabing this mini mixer again does not seem like a good idea. I might want something that can do heavier jobs than this awesome mini mixer can do. I guess it is just too much for this little mini mixer to keep on turning doing its hard job every day!

If anyone of you who is reading this has any suggestions on which mini blender, or mini food processors I should grab, please do let me know!

When I say goodby to this mini blender, I am not saying that I am saying goodbye to Philips ( will Philips pay me for this if they know?? (wink wink)), it’s just that I am letting my mini blender go!

Tschüß Philips Avent Mini Blender!


Mini Mixer, and jars for baby food

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8 responses to “It’s Hard to Say ‘Tschüß’

    • Mbak, dirimu orang yang sabar berarti hehe, aku gak sabaran pake ulekan, capek pegel 😦 apalagi misal masak yang bumbunya banyak meruah, gak sanggup. Dirumah ada ulekan juga, tapi kalu maubikim sambal bawang, kan dikit. Salut mbak!

    • hihihi disabar-sabarin aja lu. gak deh lu hasil bumbu yang diulek di ulekan itu lain dari yang dimixer, mantepan yang diulek 🙂


  1. Emang ya kalau kita terbiasa memakai barang kemudian hilag atau rusak berasa kaya kehilangan gitu. Aku aja kalau hilang penghapus, mesti nyari dulu sampe ketemu biar tenang (nggak lebay tapi emang begitulah)

    Aku ga pengalaman nih pake mixer ini, buat bumbu kadang mengandalkan handblender 🙂

    • Iyaa betul, kok rasanya eman ya ngilang jiga mungkin gak tapi kali sembunyi dimana gitu, herannya kalu barang ilang begitu dicari gak ketemu2 eeh begitu lupa laaah ketemu. Handblender buat bumbu? hasilnya lembut kah?

  2. Yeah, it’s a lot easier now for considering what or which to buy. Read all comments and review does make me feel more confident in a product. Sorry for your loss though 😦

    PS: i thought it would tell the struggle to speak TSCHÜSS haha

    • Sometimes spending time reading reviews and comments only make me more and more confused, but in the end I have to make a decision. Thanks! 🙂

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