The Joy of Having a Daughter

It’s time for a breakthrough! Every time I pick my daughter up from her kindergarten, I often notice something is missing from her curly hair: she’s been losing her hairpins lately. It’s either caused by her being so active like jumping, dancing, whatever sport she’s been doing that those hairpins fail to grip her hair or she took them off and put them somewhere in the kindergarten. She, one time,claimed that one of her friends played ‘hair beauty salon’ thing with her. There is this box so-called ‘Lost and Found’ box placed in the corridor of her kindergarten. The box is to collect whatever found inside the kindergarten, which might belong to any of the kids. I have not found any hairpins in the box, so far. Anyhow, whatever the causes are, I need a breakthrough: She needs adults’ hairpins which are mostly bigger in size in comparison to kids’ hairpins. Kids hairpins are cutely designed to fit the ages of the kids. However, I notice that they no longer serve the purpose that is to grip her curly thick getting-long hair. Sometimes I feel like giving in, and decide at one point not to slip any hairpins on her hair anymore. But she demands one or two on each side of her hair. She says without her hairpins, the wind would blow her hair to the sides of her face, and she doesn’t like the feeling. So, adults hairpins will soon be put into test whether or not they stay there on her hair right until the time I bring her home. For the time being, I keep my finger crossed, and start looking for some adults’ hairpins. I do not use any in case you are wondering. The joy of having a daughter!
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