A friend has a briliant idea to make one-year-life journey become more memorable by jotting down some events on pieces of paper that are put in a jar. Every end of the year, she opens the jar to read what has happened in her life. Awesome! I did the same thing last year(which was only a few days ago), only that did I not put them in a jar, only in a small drawer, which is not so nice. Another blogging fellow of mine, an Indonesian who lives in Den Haag, the Netherlands, has similiar ideas: she recaps her journey during a year on her blog. Combining those marvelous ideas, I decided to follow suit.

Since I only started doing the idea ( writing the events on paper )into action in the middle of the year, so, the recap below wasn’t really much in detailed.

January-March 2015

1.I mostly spent time searching and comparing one kindergarten to another for our Princess. I did this earlier year, however our Princess turned to 3 years old this year, which means that according to the German law of education, she has the right the get a seat in a Kindergarten. I did apply to some Kindergarten already in 2014, but this month of the year I did spend calling again those kindergartens I have applied to ask for confirmations whether or not our Princess got a seat. These three months were very stressfull indeed as they all said ‘ We do not know yet’ or ‘Too bad no seat yet.’ I wanted to finish this kindergarten business before our long travel back to Indonesia in April to attend my brother’s wedding. Afrer some efforts calling private ones since the public ones had no seats for our daughter ( later we were called by two public kindergartens that she got a seat, this was just a week after she went to her current kindergarten.), we finally got good news that our daughter got a seat! Finally, we could prepare the long holiday back to my homeland.

2.On Friday, the 20th of March at 10:30 -12:00 PM. I witnessed a SOLAR ECLIPSE. It was cloudy, every part of the sky was covered with gray clouds, however I was lucky that at some point the solar eclipse was visible. It was indeed pretty. I sent a prayer, and thanked God for the blessings.

April 2015


Legoland Oberhaussen, Germany

1.We,together with my in-laws, made a visit to LEGOLAND in Oberhaussen, Deutschland. It was a nice one even for me, let alone our Princess. There are some more LEGOLAND cities in Germany, we would like to visit.DSC02260

2.We flew to Indonesia on the last week of April, not sure on which date. You know, traveling long haul with toddler can be a challenge depending on the ages of the toddlers and on the behaviours. However, with our Princess, yes it was indeed challenging. But we managed the hasle.

May 2015


A Hotel in Candi Dasa, Bali, Indonesia


There were two nice events happening here: My brother’s wedding, DSC02649and our first journey exploring Bali, Indonesia.

Before the journey, I told my princess that we were going to swim on Bali. I bought here a new swimsuit too. My toddler is a very active toddler. A toddler who can’t even sit still for a minute. She always wants to move, act, do something. I won’t call her hyperactive though. At the hotel we were staying in Candi Dasa, she was playing with a bottle opener with a glass nearby. I told her not to, but she refused to give me the bottle opener and hit the glass. All I know, she was already bleeding when I took the bottle opener. I was schocked. I was hoping it was just a scratch as the glass fell over the floor. I checked the finger, and turned out to be a cut. We called a doctor, and Gott sei dank (thank God), he arrived no later than an hour. Our Princess was a strong little girl, she only cried a bit. I was pressing the finger where the cut


The cut on the finger had been stiched.

was,and calming her. In the end, she got 4 stitches on her index finger. Then she fell asleep after the finger had been stiched. Well, we skipped a lot of swimming moments, but I choose to count the blessings that our daughter was OK.

Lesson learned: WITH TODDLER AROUND, BE ALERT AlWAYS! screen the room, and make sure anything that is possibly causing harm is removed.

Even though, our daughter is still 3, I think she has learned her lesson, so has her parents.

On the 22nd of May, we touched down back to Germany, safely.

June 2015

1.I’d tried to wean my daughter from wearing diapers since earlier time of May, however it was interrupted by the Indonesian journey. Soon when we were back to Germany, I weaned her again. I guess the process took about 2 weeks until she finally was weaned from diapers. She needed no more diapers! I was proud of her.

2. On the 26th of June, two friends: one from Jakarta, and one from Sweden, came to visit us here in Dortmund. They brought some gifts for our daughter. It was great to spend sometime again after some years. You see, I met them from blogging. There used to be a blogging platform called MULTIPLY. I met them from there around 2004 online, and in real life around 2006 or 2008 in Indonesia. Oh yes, amazing almost 10 years later we  met again in Germany.

August 2015

Our princess started her new life as a kindergarten kid. She was so excited, I guess we were too. Some kids took some days, weeks, even months until they can be let alone there in kindergarten without parents. To my surprise, our Princess took only 5 days to get used to being there in the kindergarten without parents.

October 2015

I finally decided to go premium,so that I could have my own unique website. From October thepearlofjava.wordpress.com has changed to thepearlofjava.com. Thanks to my husband for the gift! I need to learn a lot to be a good writer or blogger. Some people say that blogging is totally useless, IT IS NOT to me!

November- December 2015

  1. I got some problems due to lack of communication. However, I am glad everything’s back to normal now due to intense communication.
  2.  Travelling to  my in-law and some parts of Germany, in Bavarian areas were wonderful moments of the year. Although, we only got the chance to play snow on the last day before we went  back to the city where we live in North-Rhein Wesphalia area, but it was still nice. Hopefully, next year (2016), snow will come to us here in Dormund too.

I can’t believe how time flies! It’s rather a late post, since we just  got back from the holiday on Monday. But, I guess it’s not considered late to say HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016 before  the second week comes.FROHES NEUES JAHR!

I hope this year of 2016 be blessed with happiness, health, and a lot of wonderful things.






7 responses to “HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016

  1. Aahhh senangnyaa baca ini Lu. Jadi tahu cerita setahun. Malu aku dideskripsikan disitu *haha pede.
    Duh, aku ngilu baca cerita ttg tangan putrimu. Syukur dia ga kenapa2. Aku ngeri lihat darah soalnya. Bavarian, aku pengeeen kesana. Ada teman yg menawarkan inapan dan pengen lihat Kastil apa ya namanya yg megah itu. Alamnya juga bagus ya disana. Kok kamu ga nyebut Frankfurt Book Fair hehe.
    Semoga diberikan kelancaran mencapai yg direncakan tahun 2016 Lu. Sehat dan bahagia selalu menyertaimu dan keluarga. Aku seneng ketemu kamu diblog. Semoga kita bisa ketemu langsung ya suatu saat 🙂

    • Denald, iya yang dideskripsikan itu awakmu hehe, belum ijin kamu ngelink. Jadi blm tak link, gak papa kan tak link?. Iya jarinya kecil darahnya sampe kelantai ngeri, panic:((. Ada Den Frankfurt Book Fair aku blog juga kok. Bavaria bagus2, kalau castles sini akeh, yg bagus di Füssen, neuschwanstein. Disney terinspirasi dari ini.Aamiin Denald, doayg sama buat klian. Semoga suatu saat bisa kopdaran kita.

    • Met tahun baru juga mbak,
      iya keren ya, jadi bisa tau kita ngeblog apa aja sih yang top hehe (artis kali ya!) tahun2 yang lalu.

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