My Soul on Art Journaling

Only recently have I been back to drawing again. I do like drawing, crafting, and sort of things. However, since my baby was born, I found  a little time to put myself into them. I am not sorry at all! I mean spending time with my daughter is also one of the wonderful things I have committed doing. Since my daughter is already in the kindergarten, I have had some time to get back to the art soul of mine again. I have bumped into so many beautiful sketchers whose works I admire so much. I have no fixed styles on my art ( if I may call it so, really with all due respect, I do not mean to boast myself at all.), I just draw whenever suits my mood, whatever comes up on my mind. I even use mixed media ;watercolor, color pencils, acrylics, brush pens, you name it.  Since I got back to drawing again, I haven’t put my heart on a canvas yet like years ago when I was still at the university, meaning I leave the ‘painting’ behind for a moment and have decided to focus on sketching on a daily basis on a sketch book that is watercolor resistance. I found sketching is a very nice diversion when you are sad for example, instead of feeling gloomy all the time, draw it and let it out on a piece of paper. I am learning new things every day, like perspectives, shadowing, and things like that. I have been doing ‘Art Journaling’, it’s a combination of writing and drawing at the same time on the same page of a sketch book. Every time I bump into great sketchers that sketch urban life, food, whatever they encounter along the way of their journeys somewhere, I am always amazed. Instead of taking photos, they put their hearts into visualizing what they are seeing on sketch books. I want to follow their paths. I have no final goal, I mean everyone of you is an artist of your own style whether or not you believe in that. I am having fun with this ‘Art Journaling’. Below are some of my art journaling I drew today.  I will not call them GREAT. However, I am satisfied that I finally put  my heart back to drawing or being crafty again.





Javanese Pearl

10 responses to “My Soul on Art Journaling

    • Hayo mulai lagi, kita ajak tangan2 dan jari2 kita menari dalam bersketsa hehe. Di latih lagi pasti bisa lincah lagi! entar kabari ya biar bisa saling belajar. Makasih udah mampir, entar aku mampir balik.

    • Hihihi iya!Saya suka sekali Nürnberg! Pengen kesana lagi kapan2! Teteh disana ya, kalu kesana dikabari deh

    • Iya teteh tinggal di Nürnberg, sudah jatuh cinta sama kota ini, jd ngga pindah2 😊

      Siip..siip..kabar-kabari ya kalau main ke Nürnberg lagi.

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