My Soul on Art Journaling

Only recently have I been back to drawing again. I do like drawing, crafting, and sort of things. However, since my baby was born, I found  a little time to put myself into them. I am not sorry at all! I mean spending time with my daughter is also one of the wonderful things I have committed doing. Since my daughter is already in the kindergarten, I have had some time to get back to the art soul of mine again. I have bumped into so many beautiful sketchers whose works I admire so much. I have no fixed styles on my art ( if I may call it so, really with all due respect, I do not mean to boast myself at all.), I just draw whenever suits my mood, whatever comes up on my mind. I even use mixed media ;watercolor, color pencils, acrylics, brush pens, you name it.  Since I got back to drawing again, I haven’t put my heart on a canvas yet like years ago when I was still at the university, meaning I leave the ‘painting’ behind for a moment and have decided to focus on sketching on a daily basis on a sketch book that is watercolor resistance. I found sketching is a very nice diversion when you are sad for example, instead of feeling gloomy all the time, draw it and let it out on a piece of paper. I am learning new things every day, like perspectives, shadowing, and things like that. I have been doing ‘Art Journaling’, it’s a combination of writing and drawing at the same time on the same page of a sketch book. Every time I bump into great sketchers that sketch urban life, food, whatever they encounter along the way of their journeys somewhere, I am always amazed. Instead of taking photos, they put their hearts into visualizing what they are seeing on sketch books. I want to follow their paths. I have no final goal, I mean everyone of you is an artist of your own style whether or not you believe in that. I am having fun with this ‘Art Journaling’. Below are some of my art journaling I drew today.  I will not call them GREAT. However, I am satisfied that I finally put  my heart back to drawing or being crafty again.





Javanese Pearl


10 responses to “My Soul on Art Journaling

    • Iya teteh tinggal di Nürnberg, sudah jatuh cinta sama kota ini, jd ngga pindah2 😊

      Siip..siip..kabar-kabari ya kalau main ke Nürnberg lagi.

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