Archipelago: Bromo(Tengger Caldera) East Java, Indonesia

You have to work hard to harvest fruitful trees.

Do you remember this? Steps to a Magnificent Beauty

It was around 3 A.M when we decided to see the sunrise from a still-active volcano, Bromo Mountain.Bromo is one of the many active volcanoes in Indonesia that is often visited by people from different parts of the world.

The air of 3 AM in Bromo was cold , at least it was in my opinion. But, thank God, the weather was indeed “perfect” when we went there. While waiting for our jeep, I saw some tourists with their advanced cameras (I hope to grab one someday:-) )sipping their cups of tea of coffee in the lobby of the hotel we stayed in. We, too, were sipping ours. The roads to Bromo are narrow sloping gently upwards, thus Jeep is the only possible car to get us to see Bromo via Mt. Penanjakan- the second viewpoint of Bromo. Bromo was calling! Our jeep was waiting.

Sunrise, sunrise…Looks like morning in your eyes, but the clock’s held 9:15 for hours. Norah Jones: Sunrise

Venus- the Morning and Evening Star

I could only spot VENUS, did you spot it? The brightest dot there?The sun was still sleeping when we got to the second viewpoint. It was around 4:30 A.M, and I felt lucky to be there just in time before the sun smiled to us all. Then I hummed a song…

Feeling the same way all over again, feeling the same 2X

Singing the same lines all over again

No matter how much I pretend. Norah Jones; Feeling the same way all over again.

Having been hugged to keep me warm, we witnessed the sun smiled from the east saying “Selamat Pagi” – Guten Morgen, Good Morning


There are two Bromo viewpoints, as far as I am concerned:

1. The first one is directly in Mt. Bromo itself where you will pass a temple. And at close quarters around 2 km from the temple, you might find steep path of nearly 300 steps leads to the edge of the crater and a precarious meter-wide ledge from where to gaze into the volcano.

Note: Bromo is “acting up” now, so beware! do not visit her at the moment! unless you are really a vulcanologist or geologist, who has more knowledge on how and what to do with the active volcano, which is spewing the ash.

2. The second viewpoint is from Mt. Penanjakan, located just north of the caldera. It can be accessed from Tosari village. Along the path of the second viewpoint – Mt. Penanjakan, you can find many food stalls that sell hot noodles and hot drinks. I noticed some people were spending time there while taking a little break before the main attraction’s visit: Bromo from a closer look.

I lost track on how many stairs we had to step up to get to this side of the caldera. I guess roughly around 2oo something stairs, and yes it was tiring! We needed to make some pause in between.


The view taken from Mt. Bromo. The temple down there is still used up to the time  I am blogging. Isn’t that a great view?


Near the caldera


Bromo Mountain seen from Mt. Penanjakan

It was 6 years ago that we visited this mountain. I personally miss going there and watching the sun rises in the cool weather while Mt. Bromo is standing stall right there! But the idea of going there with a toddler of 3 where you need to get up so early might not be a good idea yet. I know some  parents raise their kids differently that they are even tracking mountains early ages, but we have different path of raising kids. However, someday, I hope we can go there again.

Taken by Lulu- Mt. Penanjakan viewpoint overlooking Bromo , East Java, Indonesia. May 7th, 2009

You stand still and strong
Giving out your secrecy to us
We stood still and strong
For the cold you offered
For the glorious view you showed off
We felt the intimacy,
so beautiful , serene
Bromo in your eyes, my eyes, our eyes
You, Bromo and I,
What a perfect happiness for I hope it stays for good

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  1. Thanks Jim! the post should have been posted years ago on WordPress, however it was on Multiply, and did not have time to save all the writings there on Multiply, so had to write from scratch, which was a challenge. You both should visit it! I dare you love it soooo much!

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