Things I Miss About Indonesia

There are some moments when I feel like I miss Indonesia a lot. A pang of homesickness engulfes me sometimes when I remember these 1o things. The 10 things which never and never happen in Deutschland. And that makes Indonesia become special for me, and maybe for some others who have found their love to Indonesia. I know some of them.

1. Food sellers

My stomach knows no compromises. When it wants to rumble, then it will with no early  warning. I do sometimes feel this strike of hunger at  night. Does it mean that I don’t eat much at dinner time? could be. But anyway, I am not talking about the way I eat during dinner. When my stomach rumbles asking me for some more food, I eat joghurt, or chocolate or fruit, sometimes the left-over too. Back when I was in Indonesia, all I had to do was waiting for the food sellers to pass by my neighborhood, and right in front of my house. ‘What’s the fun of waiting?’, well, the best thing in life worth waiting :D. The kinds of food sellers who usually passed by my house were quite varied.These are just to name a few.

  • Tahu Tek (Tofu mixed with eggs, and beansprouts enriched by shrimp paste sauce.) I know for those who are not used to this food will frown their foreheads. I tell you it’s yummy!
  • Nasi Goreng! I don’t think I have the need to explain what that is.
  • Boiled peanuts
  • Ronde

I know, Indonesians ‘ snack is considered heavy, but it’s difficult to say ‘it is heavy’ especially when you all of a sudden struck by hunger at night when you even do not have more left over to eat.

2. ‘Becak’ pr pedicab ride

ClickPedicab soldto the website of the picture











Oh yeah! this is way better than using public transportation on hot days. I find it relaxing sitting in a pedicab while enjoying the breeze, which I think now, is actually not that as fresh as some years  back. I know too much pollution.We even have an Indonesian children’s song on this.

Saya mau tamasya
Berkeliling keliling kota
Hendak melihat-lihat keramaian yang ada.
Saya panggilkan becak.
Kereta tak berkuda.
Becak, becak, coba bawa saya
The good thing about riding on a pedicab  when you are in a hurry is that you don’t need to worry to be stucked on a traffic jam, because the drivers usually take a detour to avoid the traffic jams. Awesome! If I could go on dreaming, I would want to have this pedicab in our home.
3. The morning call from roosters
Some people find it irritating to hear the crow of roosters, something like ‘ Arrgh, let me sleep! stop it!’ , but I have really never found it that way. Having grown up in Indonesia, and as an Indonesian myself, I was used to hearing them calling me to get up early. Oh yes, early! Most Indonesians are early birds, they love getting up early.  ‘The early bird catches the worm’ in a sense that those who wake up early will find more energy to start the day, and be more successful, at least that’s what most people in Indonesia believe. In Germany, being lazy especially on weekends is not considered a ‘sin’.
4. Groceries sellers
Convenience is the right word to express it! and I have written about this Traditional Convenience 5 YEARS ago! Having such convenience is possible here in Germany  that you place your order at a supermarket that offers delivery, then they will send all our order right in front of your door, however the cost to it, is expensive in my opinion, around 5 Euro. I know different kind of convenience from the convenience I miss about Indonesia.
5. Furniture builders
I know, sounds crazy! In Germany, almost all the furniture build-up are done personally, meaning without having them done by someone else. There is always extra cost for that, and that’s not cheap! Thus, we the buyers are ‘forced’ to do all this work by ourselves. All we need are reading the manual thoroughly, some needed working  tools, and a lot of patience and energy! Everyone who has ever done this work by herself or himself knows how annoying it can be sometimes, especially when some of the screws do not work, for example. In Germany, we also have to consider about the time so that the neighbors will not complain because of the noise we make due to the working process. The time is called ‘Ruhezeit’ that starts from 1 PM to 3 PM. In Indonesia? you simply ask the right person ( from a furniture store ) to have this work done for you. All you need is just waiting excitedly at home, knowing your furniture is coming your way already in a perfect touch. Money is usually already paid when you buy the furniture. Oh, actually it never happens that you get the furniture in pieces and you have to build it yourself. Once you go to a furniture store, and you want that one desired wardrobe, for example, what you get is a desired wardrobe as a complete whole furniture.
6. The smell of wet ground
 The rain’s just stopped, and I opened the windows wide awide to let some fresh air come inside the whole area of the house, and just as I opened them, I smelled something fresh, earthy smell,  something very antoxicating. None has ever had any idea of what kind of smell I was talking about until you  experience yourself. I only found out that actually rain that has a smell has a name called ‘Petrichor‘ ( it is the earthy scent produced when rain falls on dry soil.) It is basically also possible to happen here. The difference is that, it is often difiicult to smell this Petrichor here where there are mostly buildings up high, and  paved sidewalks. Hmm actually not really sure why even though it has just stopped raining here, I barely smell the Petrichor here. It was more obvious , almost without effore that I managed to smell the petichor after rain back when I was in Indonesia. Another reason is probably, it is just too cold to open the windows too long right now in Autum, just to prove the Petichor is also right there outside.
7. Food
I find it easy to find Asian ingredients I need for my cooking here in Germany. The thing is there are many asian shops available, many offer online shopping, so that answer the question on whether or not I manage to cook Indonesian food here. Even though, I theoritically can cook any Indonesian food I can, but practically there are some Indonesian food I am fond of eating but fail to cook them because I am not experienced enough in preparing them. When that failed moment strike, I often miss how easy it is to buy any food I like there in Indonesia, and eat it for as much as my stomach can hold. I’d say Indonesian food is among the best foods I am fond of.DSC02856


 I can’t think of any other things I miss about Indonesia (please exclude my family, of course I miss them, it goes without saying!) I do not mean to complain at all. I choose to be thankful  for what I have  had and experienced right  now. I have not had so strong a pang of homesickness since I moved here. Anyway, when I have other things I miss about Indonesia, I will write them on a second part, but these 7 things are what came up to my mind so easily when it came to a question about things I miss about Indonesia.

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29 responses to “Things I Miss About Indonesia

  1. Lagi kangen ya 🙂
    Indonesia memang ga ada habisnya ya kalo diceritakan. Kalo jauh gini baru kerasa kangen ini itu nya.
    Mau nambahin yang nomer 1:tukang sate keliling, bakso sampai malam ada yg keliling, soto kikil dan tahu campur. Ini juga biasanya lewat depan kos *duh aku laper nulisnya haha
    Kangen juga dengan mbok tukang pijet, nyalon murah, pantai2nya yg cakep gila, … masih panjang daftarnya hehe

    • oalah belum selesai udah kesend duluan. setuju banget sama pijet memijet. dulu saya suka panggil tetangga sebelah. berhubung doi lumayan ember sambil pijet sambil ekstra dapet berita perkembangan dunia pertetanggaaan hahahahha jadi curcol.


    • Hihi pasti saking semangatnya ya. Weeh pijet di Indonesia emang enak, sambil tiduran didongengin mbok pijet.

    • Waaah tahu campur! Wenak banget itu ya! Aku jadi pengen, gak punya petis tapi. Pantai Indonesia bagus2, sayang banyak ulah tak merasa punya jadinya tak bertanggung jawab ; nyampah dimana2. Kalau makanan pasti kangen ya.

    • Heh jawabanya saya kok gak langsung dibawah coment Denald ya? Itu dibawah aku dah reply. Kapan mudik Surabaya?

    • Wah, baru 10 bulan disini Lu, kalau mudik bisa diketawain supir bemo hahaha. Aku berencana mudik setiap 3 tahun sekali. Ngumpulin receh dicelengan semar dulu haha. Masih banyak tanggungan soalnya. Musti ujian bahasa Belanda dulu, mau cari kerja dulu. Kalau sudah berhasil dinegara orang, baru aku mau mudik. Cita2 mulianya sih gitu hehe. Kamu berapa lama sekali mudik?

    • Oh iya ya baru. 3 thn sekali gak kuku hikhik! Berhubung anak kita masih TK, kita usahakan setahun sekali, kalau sudah SD hrs nunggu libur, kalau sekarang kan TK bisa ngelibur hehe. Iya sih, dulu awal aku mudik juga habis selesai kursus bhs wajib disini. Semangat ya! Biar cepet dpt kerja juga.BTW pake bhs apa ama misua? Belanda ta Indonesia? Jowo an mungkin? Hehe

    • Amiiinn. Thanks Lulu. Sama2 semangat ya buat kita. Sama2 perantau 🙂
      Awal2 full pakai bahasa Inggris karena nol putul Belanda. Setelah kursus sampai sekarang : 5 hari pakai bahasa Belanda, sehari pakai bahasa Indonesia, sehari pakai bahasa Inggris. Suami pengen belajar bahasa Indonesia juga soalnya. Nah, lucunya kalau aku lagi ngobrol sama temanku dan keluargaku kan pasti pakai bahasa jawa, dia nimbrung ikut2an belajar haha. Lucu gemesh dengernya. Kalau kamu komunikasi pakai bahasa apa?

    • Hehe kita nih otaknya harus dibiasakan switch bhs ya tergantung sikon. Aku kenal suami dari 2003 nikah 2011 naah selama itu pake bhs Inggris terus, jd biasa. Sekarang setelah 4 thn di Jerman juga sama pk Inggris tp kadang Jerman dan Indonesia. Sama anakku ak pake Indonesia. Naah tantanganku ya hrs semakin bagus Jermannya tpi bhs Inggris tidak jadi rusty( ak kuliah jurusan bhs Inggris dulu, btw kita seangkatan. Aku ada temen2 di SMA Dua juga.

  2. iya lu banget soal furniture. enak banget di tanah air tinggal beli dan terima bersih seperti yang diliat di show room. semua udh all inkl. paling kasih tips si masnya aja.


    • Iya, enak praktis. Tapi disyukuri aja ya, enaknya kita kerja keras begitu furniture jadi sambil lap keringat bilang “Endlich!”

    • iya lu. kapan-kapan saya posting deh ketika kita berhasil ngerakit lemari yang guedeee banget. sempet skeptis tapi jadilah kalo ngikutin manual dan semuanya lengkap.


    • Iya mbak ditunggu postingannya. Setiap ada furniture datang langsung tarik nafas ‘Duuh harus bangun’ tapi begitujadi lega ya. Kalau menurut aku , terkadang manualnya gak jelas ya, suka kejebak, dan pernah salah mbangun juga :(.

    • siiip.
      btw soal manual betul lu memang kadang suka kebalik urutannya. saya juga begitu kalo udah terlanjur memang harus bongkar lagi #capekdeh…


  3. Bener mbak, kadang kalu udah beli furniture gitu, kita kayak ‘aaah harus masang2’ tapi begitu jadi legaaa. Pernah dulu salah pasang, soalnya manual juga gak jelas:(( (ngeles ya hehe), ditunggu postingannya mbak.

  4. Waaah.. mie ayamnya menggoda.. Hihihi..
    Aku kemarin pas pulkam berasa banget dimanjain sama gampangnya cari makanan di luar. Males masak ga masalah karena tinggal telpon delivery aja.. Hehehe.

    • Betul, diluar sbenernya juga ada delivery ya, tapi masakannya kan bukan Mie Ayam, Nasi Campur dll ya hehe. Iya itu mie di Solaria, enak menurut aku. Sekarang Mie di Es Teller 77 kurang mantap ya. Berusaha bikin mie ayam kayak di SOlaria, gak bisa2:)

    • Di Swedia malah susah banget cari delivery. Musti ada minimal pembelian tertentu, itu pun masih bayar ongkos deliverynya.. Hiks…

      Ahaaa.. aku biasanya kalau beli mie ayam ada langganan deket rumah. Dan sempet nyoba bikin mie ayam, ga karuan gitu rasanya.. Hahahaha.. Sekarang untungnya ada temen yang bisa bikin mie ayam, jadi kalau lagi pingin banget bisa pesen ke dia.. 😀

    • Ah gitu, aku juga ada temen di Swedia, tapi udah jarang kontak sih. Swedia udah tebel ya saljunya, kirim kesini ya. Di Jerman juga ada minimal pembelian tertentu, ongkir gak ada tapi ada tips hehe. Enak deh ya kalau lagi pengen bisa pesen di temen ya. Disini juga banyak orang Indonesia yang bisnis makanan. Ah Indonesia tentang makanan mah gak ada habisnya ya.

  5. Culinary Indonesia memang gak ada duanya deh.. banyak teman2 ekspat saya juga rela bela-belain ke Indo supaya terus bisa makan dengan cita rasa kental rempah-rempah 😀

    • Iya ya, karena kalupun bisa masak di negaranya, tetep ada bedanya ya. Waah sip banget deh ya. Makasih sudah mampir dan kasih insightnya.

  6. Bacanya pas dingin-dingin gini dan kesebut Ronde, duh enaknya yaaak… disini mau nge wedang ronde, kudu uprek dulu >_<
    Jadinya sih dipaksa bisa ya 😉

    • Waah iya, mau makan simple ala Indonesia refot dulu, bagi kita makanan mewah ya sekedar tempe tahu sayur, apalagi ronde. Aaah jadi pengen ronde!

    • iyaaa mewah banget. aku bilangnya makanan priyayi hihihihi… soalnya kudu ekstra waktu dan sabar yak 🙂

  7. Pingback: ngerakit lemari sendiri | dunia kayka·

    • Hmm, well traditional markets such in Indonesia are found here too, only are they held once a week, but similar.

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