The Fine Jar

I came up with this idea because at some point, I feel like I have had it enough. I never say I am perfect, but I do not want to say that I am always on the wrong side of a person. The thing is when I think I am doing right, there are always other people who  think I am otherwise. When I think I am on the wrong path, there are always other people who think I am not. Life offers us with so much joy that I even forget how to appreciate it. One example is nothing to do with human relationsip, but more about good food that will affect your health, ‘You are what you eat’.

I have made some rules to obey. The rules are not only about human relationship but also about healthy life and other aspects of life which I think are my path of life. I let you take a look at one of my rules ‘Sleeping no later than 1 AM’, you know having a toddler means that you need to get up early, and when your toddler will not fall asleep back whereas it is still dark and early outside, you have to pretend to sleep in the dark room just so you can relax a bit. Pretending to be asleep doesn’t count as a good quality of sleep, IMHO (in my humble opinion) Anyhow, the main point of the jar is to discipline myself, and free myself from my being fallen to a ground of anger, despisement and all  the like. Yes, I will charge myself with some fine of few cents.

So, here’s how it works!

  1. Write the life rules on a piece of paper. Since I am into scrapbooking, I will turn the page into something pretty to look at. Note : Pretty in my opinion !
  2. Follow the rules !
  3. When I break them. Put some few cents of coins inside. It does not have to be much, otherwise it would ruin the original goal.
  4. When the jar is full ( I hope not too fast, if you know what I mean), I will donate them.
  5. After donating them, I will write what necessary to be changed and maintained.

I know, sounds so stressful! Not for me!, Well, I think the jar somehow will ‘teach’ me some lessons. The Fine Jar will be forever my ‘teacher’. Hmm, the jar actually reminded me of the time when I was still teaching English back then in Indonesia. I did have this kind of jar for my students: those who spoke other languages than English in the classes I was teaching, had to pay some coins, and at the end of the level, the money was spent in the way we had already agreed upon before.  When my toddler is already big enough, I will probably modify her piggy bank too. Everyone has the right to do what he or she thinks is right. Everyone is basically responsible for her or his own happiness. This is one of my attemps to be on the ideal path of life, MY ideal kind of life.



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