A Journey into a Wildlife World (Bali Safari Park, Indonesia)

I’ve been meaning to blog this soon after we were back from our Indonesian holiday last May 2015, but again I did not focus on blogging thus I kept on postponing it. I hope I still manage to re-tell every detail of the journey as detailed as possible. Truth be told, we are not Bali fans even though I have to admit that on the eastern part of Bali offers many nice things that suit to our holiday style. The part of the scene that I miss the most about visiting Indonesia is the view of the range of coconut trees while listening to the sound of the beach wave, yep heaven on earth. Our travel style is light. We do not rush to see this and that in one day. We are not collecting visiting points, but we are enjoying thoroughly the places we visit. So, it’s not necessarily that we become so overly tired that we even forgot to bath before sleep. Anyhow, there might be some updates of the travelling spots of each place we visit on Bali, but for the meantime, let us give a space for the animals on Bali Safari Park.

I came to know about this Bali Safari Park after browsing some traveling sites, and I thought I would give it a shot. I  told my husband about this, and lucky me we were on the same boat: we decided to put this on our list of visit. Our Princess loves animals, so the decision to go to Bali Safari Park turned out to be nice despite the heat-wave, sultry air of Bali. Bali is quite big, I mean that going to one spot to another can take more than one hour by car. So, every time we decide to visit Bali, we always stay at two different hotels, then from one hotel we can explore the nearby attractions. When we included Bali Safari Park, we stayed in Nusa Dua Bali. It  took about less than one hour by car to go to Bali Safari Park from the hotel we stayed in Nusa Dua. Bali Safari Park (BSP) on Jl. Bypass Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra, Km. 19,8 (Golden Line of Bali) Gianyar 80551, Bali – Indonesia

Soon we arrived at BSP, we could easily see the ticket counters. I was told we had to make a reservation 3 days before our visit, but we did not. BSP offers some rates and packages. I suggest that you make a detailed research before you choose one of them (by reading my blog for example). So here are the rates and the packages ( May 2015- so be warned they may have made some changes by now).

The prices are free for children up to 3 years old. Kids older than 3 are considered CHILD (costs 45 USD per child). If your foreign husband or wife has KITAS (Kartu Ijin Tinggal Sementara)-like a temporary residence permit in Indonesia), he or she will  get a local price.The local price is only applied to normal entrance, which means you may pay extra inside the wildlife to be able to get the same privileges as those who take packages. We took the jungle hopper after some considerations, which I will tell you here as well. So here are the complete packages:


USD 55 Adult

USD 45 Child

The package includes:

  • Safari journey. The exciting  Safari Journey will take you to an adventure through the habitats of Indonesia, India, and Africa to see the wildlife at a close range. A jeep that holds 20 people will take you for the adventure. DSC03656DSC03636The most exciting parts of this is when the closed-windows jeep is crossing a river where you can see some hippos hibernating inside the river and only showing some parts of their faces. Truly cute!!DSC03643


    The king of the wildlife seen from the jeep on safari journey, Across where he was lying is Tsavo Restaurant.

  • Fresh Water Aquarium. DSC03613You want to seeferocius piranhas from a closer look? then this is it. This is an open space aquarium with some collections of fish from Indonesia, South America, and Africa. But I think, they could add more of the collections, I get thefeelingsthat this open space aquarium is just using  the space. It could be better. Piranha feeding time : 10:30 AM and 4 PM. Location : Around this Fresh Water Aquarium, which is located near the entrance.


    The entrance of the journey. On the left side of it, there is a counter where you can rent a baby stroller or wheel chair for 50,00 IDR the whole day during your ‘stay’ there.

  • Animal Educational Show. This is about the presentation about the different animals in the park for a better understanding of these creatures and their natural habitats, It’s at 11 AM every day, and 3 PM on Monday at Hanuman Stage. We actually missed this show,  because we arrived later than 11 AM, and it was not on Monday that we happened to visit the park. This timing thing is one of the things you have to put in mind when you decide to visit BSP.
  • Elephant Show. This is the show about The Story of Endangered Giants, a clash between human and elephants. A must-watch performance to educate us about harmony between nature and mankind. Our princess loved the show, so did we. It’s at 11:45 AM, and 4:30 PM at Elephant Stage (Kampung Gajah)DSC03695DSC03756


    A standing-applause performance! a very good one!

  • Silver Seat Bali Agung Show. Bali Agung show is timeless journey through a magical theatrical performance that highlights the rich culture and traditions of Bali. It recounts the tragic and heroic legend of King Sri Jaya Pangus and his beloved Chinese wife, Kang Ching Wie. Again! we could not  manage to see the show due to the time. The show is at 2:30 PM at Bali Theatre, every day but Monday.
  • Waterpark. It offers you the joyful of getting wet and wild at their water park. So, if you really want to take this, be prepared some clothes to change!.
  • Fun zone. It is similar to waterpark. I am not sure exactly, because we did not dare go wet and wild at that time, our main focus was just animals.

LUNCH for this package is included but with limited choices of menu. The location is at UMA restaurant. It’s easy to find your way there as they have given some signs according to the package you take, just follow the signs! Isn’t that a real adventure? (No, don’t worry it is not as difficult as you think!)


USD 75 Adult USD 65 Child

  • Safari Journey
  • Fresh Water Aquarium
  • Lunch at UMA restaurant.
  • Animal Show
  • Elephant Show
  • Silver Seat Bali Agung Show
  • Waterpark Fun Zone

The difference from the JUNGLE HOPPER is only on the selections of the lunch menu, which is not the thing to consider in my opinion The lunch menu from Jungle Hopper is not disappointig.


USD 105 Adults USD 95 Child

  • Unlimited Safari Journey
  • Welcome Drink
  • Photo Picture Elephant Ride (10 minutes)
  • Fresh Water Aquarium
  • Lunch at UMA restaurant
  • Animal Show
  • Elephant show
  • Gold seat Bali Agung Show
  • Waterpark unlimited fun Zone
  • Souvenirs


USD 145 Adult USD 115 Child

  • Unlimited Safari Journey (Express line)
  • Welcome Drink
  • Elephant Back Safari (30 Minutes)
  • Fresh Water Aquarium
  • Lunch/ Dinner at Tsavo Lion restaurant. The restaurant is pretty interesting as it invites you to have a close encounter with real wildlife. Through the full-length glass panels surrounding the restaurant, you will be able to see lions while enjoying your meals. Actually pretty tempting! but I guess it is too pricey for us.
  • Animal Show
  • Elephant Show
  • Platinum Seat Bali Agung Show
  • Waterpark
  • Unlimited time zone
  • Souvenir
  • Photo Picture
  • Transport (if you rent a tour guide that drives you and  am sure picks you up  too, I guess this is kind of useless)


USD 75 Adult USD 60 Child

Wohooo, It gives me the shiver just by thinking of it! If you  take this one, be prepared to be ‘attacked’ by the  wild animals! A specially designed caged train will  take you to the night journey of wildlife, see the animals at a close range, and feed them. My husband said that it would be interesting to try, we’ll see! the thing is we do not plan on visiting Bali again next year. Indonesia is not just about Bali!

  • Night Safari Journey
  • Walking Safari
  • Welcome Drink
  • Afrika! Rhythm of Fire Show
  • BBQ Dinner at N’Kuchiro Bar and Grill
  • Nocturnal Wildlife Encounter

Besides all of these activities, there are also petting zoo…

I have some suggestions regarding which package to take, but then again it is based on the condition of our family with an almost-3-year-old toddler.So here are my suggestions :

    1. You just have to spend time thinking about the timing whether you will be able to do all the activities included on the packages. The park opens at 9 AM- 5 PM on weekdays, and at 8:30-5 PM on weekends and holidays. You can estimate whether you manage to run from one point to another to catch the activities included on the package you take.
    2. We honestly think that even the Jungle Hopper package was a bit pricey for us. We even missed two activities on the package. It was just not possible to run around like crazy just to take all the activities. We could have taken the normal price entrance, which is all the same amount of price for all visitors : foreign of local.
    3. If you still consider not skipping any of the activities on the package you take, being there right when the park opens is probably a good idea. For us that’s insane, it’s just way too early. By the way, within the area of BSP, there is also Mara River Safari Lodge, where you can ‘save’ time by staying there, so that you will  likely not to miss activities included in the package if you want to be there right on time when the park opens. It looks like an interesting hotel to stay in though.
    4. There are a lot of spots you can explore there like DSC03717Petting Zoo: it’s a small encounter where you can see farm animals, some are let run around freely. Your kid can even feed them. There is Safari Poo Paper: the education team at BSP and Marine Park have taken the concept of going green to a whole new level by converting animal waste into beautiful recycled paper.Some gift are created from poo paper. It’s not a  big factory, but it can consume your time too if you really pay attention to what’s going on there on the factory. There are some other endangered animals encounters, like komodo dragon DSC03678 DSC03704, Sumatran Tiger, etc. you can take pictures with Orang Utan (which I sadly can’t recall his name.), and ‘Kakak Tua’ bird.So, with such a lot of things to see, I think it’s most likely that most people will miss one or two of the activities on the package they take, just saying.
    5. The park itself is big, so walking from one spot to another may take sometime.

Overall, we did enjoy our visit there! We are not thinking of going back there yet, but in case we decide to do so, we’ll just take no package,if that system still works in years to come. The most important thing is that you and your family enjoy every bit of the visit. No need to rush!

    1. DSC03721

Flag Counter

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  1. price list-nya dalam usd gitu ya lu. buset deh rupiah dari dulu memang gak pernah jadi tuan rumah sendiri di bali ya.
    dan selalu grrrr gemes saat baca harga local dan non local…..


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