An Opened Letter to Apfelschorle Credit :

I came to Germany for the first time in 2009. It was in a cold windy gloomy winter time when I landed my feet for the first time in the land of poets : Germany or I’d rather say it DEUTSCHLAND now.  Saying DEUTSCHLAND and hearing the word is much more poetic than saying the English term of it:Germany. ‘Wirklich'(really) try it out! So, in case you happen to be stranded in my blog for the first time here on this post, you will not be surprised anymore if I’d rather say Deutschland in all my posts instead of Germany.

You know, being someone coming from a tropical country that gets almost an intense heat of the sun all year around has made me love the cool and breeze kind of weather. By that time I came here for the first time, I did not even remember trying this Apfelfschorle. I am not going to tell you what that is, you can just click on the ‘Apfelschorle’ and your quest will be answered. Anyhow, Apfelschorle is usually served cold.  Give me a break! it was my first visit, and it was winter. All I remember was that I drank chocolate milk, and other warm drinks but Apfelschorle. Well, maybe some juices, but not Apfelschorle.

Time went on….. only until later did  I decide to order Apfelschorle more often when we (my small family and I) go to some restaurants. The thing is, restaurants often offer many kinds of juices. The juices that I principally can have at home too. in Germany, it is perfectly normal that every household has different kinds of juices. There are apple juice, banana juice, guava juice, just to name a few. I have made somekind of thought about this Apfelschorle everytime I find this written on the menu. Not that I mean that Apfelschorle is unavailable in supermarkets, but we do not normaly have it at home.

I know, some restaurants have very good fruit juices, better juices than the ones that are sold in supermarkets for every household needs of drink, but still when I find those juices are just common juices I can just grab at the nearby supermarkets, my heart goes to Apfelschorle! believe me almost every restaurant here is in love with Apfelschorle. You’ve got to read it in a different way : Yes, they often if not always have Apfelschorle on the drink list.

Dear Apfelschorle! sometimes she saves time when I want to pick list of confusing drinks. Ah ya, I did not say ‘it’ to refer to the Apfelschorle, did I? Shhhh!!! Apfelschorle has a gender! she attracts us all! Yep, in some situations she is indeed so attractive! but for some she can be such a bore. To me? she has her own attractiveness. I always miss how fresh she is even during cold autumn time!! I guess she has changed me! I am converted to a German kind of living somewhat.

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