Exercise for the Mind

I have recently been bothered by the fact that one of my dreams seems, my long-life dream seems to find the hard time to come near me. Most people, if not many, will say ‘You’ve got to run and give your best for your dreams. Get them now!’I used to say the way those most people say. But, sometimes there are moments when I just feel like I will never get this long-life dream!I know ‘never says never’ (it is a part of self-encouragement!). I did one step to come closes to it though, but the step was only a little step, and does not seem to move on. I recently found a fact that a blogging friend of mine has become a writer, but I know her process to be one is not just a little step, but long and hard I believe. Whoops I know, I have leaked the key word, the word that leads you to know what my biggest dream is. Having a dream does not need ages, not that I mean I am already old. I mean we should have dreams otherwise life would be just going flat, and rather boring.

I have a great memory, sorry I don’t mean to boast myself. When it comes to past events, I do remember people, I manage to relive either sad or happy moments. But when it comes to putting stuff, it’s funny how forgetful I can be. Anyhow,this blogging friend of mine, who is now a writer, as I have thought does not remember about me. It does not matter though as we were just blogging friends, and have never met in person. I have been blogging since 2003, if not earlir time but I had officially a blogging site on 2003 on MULTIPLY, which no longer exists.

Blogging is one of my ways to expel what goes in my mind,to jot down what I think about things around me. But most of all to meet the need of my love of writing. Writing is an exercise!It is not easy to write stuff that catch people’s attention. Then make them into avid readers of your writing. Writing needs some exercise to flow naturally, so that your writing becomes an art. An art that’s called JOURNALISTIC! This is of course just my opinion. I do not have a background as a journalist.But I think, one does not need to have a journalistic background to be a writer. One just needs exercies!

I should!

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