The Joyful Morning Dew

The Eid ul-Fitr is coming soon within hours here in Germany, and by the time I am writing this, it will be already at the dawn of the Eid in Indonesia where I come from. I have never been blogging anything yet about Ramadan and the Eid here in Germany although I have passed 4 times of Ramadan here in Germany.The first time I did my fasting here in Germany, I was wondering whether I managed to fast, say, 19 hours straight without drinking and eating, even though fasting is actually more than just restraining ourselves from being thirsty and hungry.Anyway, the Eid here is of course nothing compared to the one in Indonesia where Islam is the majority of the population ( Note: We are not Islamic country!! We have many people from different religions as well.)

I will not hear ‘Takbiran’ I can only hear it from Youtube. It feels different but I thank to those who have uploaded ‘Takbiran’ to youtube. In Indonesia, the night before the Eid, and after the official announcement on TV by ministry of Religious affairs about when the Eid is, soon you can expect to hear Takbiran all through the city. As I have said  that Islam is the majority of the population, it goes without saying that mosques with minarets are everywhere- so you can guess how you can hear Takbiran from. The moment after the announcement is made, children in the neigborhood are playing outside celebrating the joyful night as the next morning is the day that all Muslims are waiting for. Some people are also playing fireworks as it seems like our new year, our victory. People like to go to the main streets too while rolling the ‘Bedug’

‘The beduk (Indonesian: bedugJavanese: bedhug) is one of the drums used in the gamelan. It is also used among Muslims in Java in religious purposes.[1][2] : wikipedia

It is very common in Indonesia that people have already prepared  and cooked food to be served for the next morning at the night after the announcement of when the Eid is. Some typical food served in Eid will be blogged soon!

Celebrating Eid in Germany feels rather flat to be honest! nothing is really special as it is just a normal day. It is my thought that led me to think ‘ I have to make it as special as I can’. ALthough I do not really cook something extravaganza, but I try to present the real atmosphere of Eid ul-Fitr at my home with my little family. One thing I really feel sad is that here there is no Indonesian student organization that organize the Eid pray together. I know in many parts of the cities in Germany, those organizations often organize the Eid pray together.

I just called my parents and siblings in Surabaya, Indonesia a few minutes ago when they wanted to prepare for the Eid pray. It was still late at night here in Germany. I felt the euphoria of the Eid!.

I guess it is time to sleep! I know this blog is  rather boring tonight!

Happy Eid ul-Fitr 1435 H!

Dortmund, Germany

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