When Dreams Becomes a Victory

First of all, I am going to be focused on writing on my blog again. I need to sharpen my brain. This post might be a bit late , but I still feel the euphoria of Deutschland winning the World Cup 2014 for the fourth time! Yeaaah finally!! the FOUR STARS ! That was on July 13th, 2014! Note that down!

Let’s flashback!

It was around 9 or 10 P.M when I first felt  attached to an event I had never thought it would be getting more and more fun to watch once you followed the first match.Yes, it was football! My brother used to follow each game, especially when his long-time favourite team played. I began to watch and shape my favourite team. It was in 1996 when I first began to follow some matches on TV. Sadly, the World Cup matches are often shown on TV in Indonesia late at night because of the time gap between Indonesia and the countries where the World Cup have been held. My alarm clock was my best friend! My sleepy eyes kept on telling me ‘ go back to your land of dream! you can find the result of the match by tomorrow morning’, but I tried to follow match after match, and I began to know my fave. team. No, seriously, I was aware of which team I like despite the fact I was sleepy most of the time at the first minutes of the match.I began to yell out quite loud every time my fav.team played moreover when they played against the fav.team of my brother (the Netherlands).  It was in  EUFA Cup 1996 where Germany became the champions! Yaaaa, since then I’ve got my fav.team. It was not because I liked who won, but for some reasons I just like the German football team.

2006 and 2014

Around 2006 when FIFA World Cup was held in Germany, I was dreaming of watching world cup in Germany with my husband (he was my boyfriend then). During the match where Germany played, we called each other and commented on the current match via phone. It was still early in Germany and it was pretty late in Indonesia. I told him that someday we could watch world cup together and witness Germany become champions. We kept on having the faith, at least in the world cup case I kept on having the flame of hope burning. Eight years later, which was yesterday my dreams came true! I was here watching the most interesting world cup ever with him, and what most exciting for me was that I felt the euphoria and witnessed Germany won.

Some people say to me ‘ It goes without saying that you are for the German team since your husband is a German.’ Ha, it does not apply to me, since I’ve liked the German team since I was 15, and it has never changed. I am not good at commenting on how the footballers are playing, but I’ve seen what people call as ‘good and solid team’. ‘hard working’, and ‘excellent performance on the field’ in the German team, OK plus handsome players haha. But seriously, they have been playing well.

What I mean to say is that keep on dreaming and never lose your faith and hope for whatever dreams you are dreaming. Some people are lucky enough not to wait that long to finaly get their dreams. Some others are the opposite! I was in this case not lucky enough for I had to wait EIGHT years to have my dreams come into reality. But I choose to count the blessing as my good friend Lusy Aaltje used to say. I think I am lucky to have this patience as this is the most important thing needed when you are dreaming something.I once heard a story of a man on OPRAH show that he needed to wait 36 years to finaly get his dreams. His eyes were full of tears when he talked on the show. My long dream when I was 9 years old did come true only ‘recently’ , so around 22 years of waiting patiently. Never stop dreaming, hoping, working on what you believe in, and since I believe in God, yes praying. Dreams do come true! I guess this winning the fourth time had been also the dreams of Joachim Löw and his boys! danke Jungs!

6 months before the World Cup 2014, the German arrived and:

  • Bought a land
  • Built a hotel
  • Built a health centre
  • Made a football field
  • Built a road to connect the training complex
  • They didn’t bring German staff, they hired the locals

Later on the German Team arrived and:

  • While not training, they were socializing with the locals in the city and at the beach (there are 900 residents at the remote Brazilian fishing village of Santo Andre, Bahia.)
  • They also socialized with the indigenous people
  • They put on the local team’s jersey (Bahia)

About the victory against Brazil:

  • They made an agreement during the half- time to slow down, to avoid humiliating the host nation
  • They said their idols in the past were former Brazilian players
  • They were sorry for the heavy defeat
  • They posted on social networks many words of incentive to the Brazilian population in general, being thankful for the kindness.
And they are leaving everything they built to the population of that city.
I will certainly miss this world cup euphoria. Germany might not win the next 4 years in Russia,but who knows? we will never know. Four years is not a short time, there will be many things happening. Who knows what strategies they will do to win. But, I will hope that Germany will win again bringing the 5 stars on the  chest! Meanwhile keep on dreaming, hoping, working on it, and praying!

the World Cup 2014 Champions


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