Unity in Diversity

There is something special about the Indonesian presidential election this year: that I will be voting my president here in Deutschland. It is indeed special because I need to use extra time and I think energy to keep track on the latest news about both candidates and anything related to their campaigns. The time gap between Indonesia dan Germany makes it difficult for me to keep track on the latest news via TV online on mivo.tv Thanks to those people who have uploaded news and debate of the candidates on youtube! I have recently been active on twitter to get some headline news about these news. There are only two strong candidates this time: Prabowo-Hatta, and Jokowi-JK (Jusuf Kalla). I think it is enough what I have read and seen on youtube, and social media. I have to say that the presidential election this time is absolutely different from the previous presidential election. It is just going too rough this time! I am not going to tell you whom I will vote, even though a lot of people are now straightforwardly telling the whole world whom they will vote.It is fine by me: do whatever you think is right for you. In fact, this is  healthy in a democratic party. ABER VORSICHT! as the Germans say, which means be careful. Be careful not to get carried away with these differences in opinions! We are facing the real danger if we are not careful; itwill lead us to break apart as a country.I am a fan of neither Prabowo-Hatta or Jokowi-JK. What I mean by going too rough is that people who are  on Jokowi’s side ( who are straightforwardly telling people I will vote for Jokowi) tend to post the bad sides of the rival, and vice versa that people who are on Prabowo’s side tend to post what they claim as bad sides of the rival.  I am actually feeling rather annoyed with this. It happens so intensively that I think this supposed-to-be-healthy democratic party becomes a war. And I am not sure that’s the right thing to do, but that is just my personal opinion. People are often mistaken for going abstaint because they are not yelling out aloud their chosen candidate. People are often mistaken for being on a different side as theirs because they choose to shut up. One of the characters of the election is RAHASIA ( secret) as it concerns with one’s personal opinion. I know, if none shouts aloud then it is not a democratic party any longer, but IF all  these shout-outs become a war to kill each other instead of  keeping the main goal that is to have the new Indonesia, then forget the shout-outs and we’d better shut up. I have read how people on both sides start kicking each other, start mocking each other, start  cursing each other.And this is not the kind of election party I am dreaming of. Maybe I am too naive! But that would be such a shame if this presidential election moment becomes a war of oour own people.

We will never know whether the chosen people  will be able to lead Indonesia to be the country of our dreams (Indonesian people’s dreams).Until after the election’s done later, we will only hope that our candidates are the right chosen people to lead our country, Indonesia. What’s the most important of all these kicking each other ass is that we will unite as one country. Semoga president terpilih kita nanti memang benar-benar bisa membawa perubahan nyata dan baik bagi bangsa kita Indonesia. Amiiin.
PS:  It reminds me of a friend’s saying : The one who is being mocked massively and intensively is not a devil, and the one who is being praised like a Lord is not an angel.And if I may add whoever side you mean:Prabowo or Jokowi. I agree.


Dortmund, 19 June 2014

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