Ka bu ki Japanese Restaurant Frankfurt am Main, Germany: The Art of Cooking

Finding a good restaurant in a city we have never been to, can be a difficult task. I, myself, do not normally eat just ANY food (read : choose any restaurants), so long as I eat and do not skip mealtime for the day. It does happen sometime that  we (my husband, our 20-month-old daugher and I) eat in a restaurant we happen to find along the way, because we just cannot seem to find any good restaurants. I know, you would laugh and say ‘ You could have googled. (read : browsed on the internet with any other search engine)’ We did!The thing is: Frankfurt am Main is quite a big  city. It was rather difficult even though we have browsed the Internet. My tip: Go ask some friends  about something like this. The world  is not only  by search engine!

It was just a short visit of two days, so we did not really have time to explore more. Having browsed on the Internet, I found this Kabuki Japanese restaurant, and I instanly fell in love with the look they display on their website: it looked like a fabulous restaurant, so inviting.I told my husband about it, and we decided to have a try when we got to Frankfurt.

Note: I will use ‘I’ to mean that it is my own interpretation, and when I switch to ‘we’ then you know: my husband and I have talked about the subject and been on the same boat.

As we arrived at the restaurant, I felt like I was in the land of the rising sun. The outside look is not appealing at all in my opinion: nothing really flamboyant. The display of  ‘Ka bu ki‘ on the entrance of the restaurant in flashing green fluorescent is however obvious. Inside the restaurant, there are some big ‘tables’ with  chairs on the  three sides of the ‘tables’, and a stove in the middle  for the chefs to cook  the food you have ordered  right in front of your eyes. Let’s just imagine a theatre where you are the audience sitting nicely and comfortably on a chair watching a performance of a great actor doing some singing and dancing, but in this case COOKING. The actor has his own working place called a ‘stage’  that has been completed with some equipment he needs for his performance: there is the hot wide stove, some spice: salt and pepper and the like. And there comes the actor: the chef! He is ready to cook  the food you order. The first time I read about this ‘ Cooking in front of you’ thing, I was wondering about how the arrangement would look like. I got the impression that it would be like the chef cooks in an open room where you can watch him cooking while you are standing outside the room then if you wish you can go back to your seat and wait for your meal. I personally like the idea of witnessing a chef cooking the food I order right in front of my eyes. First of all, it is because of the inspiration I can get from the chef on how to prepare the dish with salmon for example.  Isn’t that interesting to see what spices the chef uses for the dish we order?.

It would save the time to check the  online menu on the Internet in advance, because there are  quite a few choices on the menu and you may want to look up some of the Japanese terms,

That day, I chose only the appetizer called:

‘Nanaban (no.7)’ : ‘TATAKI ‘ rindfleisch mit Enoki und Lauch in KABUKI Style.

It was actually my mistake that I only ordered appetizer. I did not really spend time checking the menu, I admit I was  too tired. So another tip from me: Check the menu when you feel fresh, so that you will not miss a thing you might want to try. My Nanaban Tataki  tasted absolutely excellent. It was very soft, and the sauce was delicate. Here is what my husband had ordered:

BETARA-YAKI lachfillet mit UMESHISO (Pflaumenpaste) serviert mit KABUKI SAKURA und WASABI -TARE. 

It came with a small bowl  of rice  for our 20-month-old daughter, and three kinds of sauces : Zitrone (lemon), knoblauch(garlic), sesame. I tasted my hubby’s food as we often do when we order food ( You taste mine, I taste  yours) so that we can exchange opinions: it is good for the soul too hehe. Anyhow,  the salmon fillet was  steamed (with the help of a metallic cover and plenty of water) . The way the chef prepared it was simpple but it turned it really yummy. There was also some kind of onigiri (but not sure it was onigiri, you can ask the chef if you wish), and vegetables (some mushrooms too). The tastes of the sauces were  very good , but not too prominent. My favourite was the sesame one. The mixture of the sesame sauce and the fillet created a different taste of salmon. The vegetable tasted fresh. They were only sauted with oil  ( It might be a special Japanese oil, I am not sure), but tasted just great.

For  the dessert, we ordered some ice cream! Our daughter was very excited by keeping on saying ‘Es krim, mauu!’ ( Ice cream, I want some!) She does speak Indonesian already well for  her age. When I checked the dessert menu, there was this

TANBA Kabuki Eiscreme mit KUROMAME Bohnen und frische Früchte.

This beans stuff for ice cream was really tempting, I was curious. I have to say that YOU’VE GOT TO TRY my order!! Believe me it was super ‘lecker’, even my husband was on the same boat! But sorry, he could not have all of mine. He had his own order which was great- We had joint winner that night. And the most interesting part was how it was prepared, again, right in front of your eyes!

BANZAI Flambierte Papaya mit Grünertee-Eiscreme.

The chef made an attraction of frying the ice cream and the papaya, so that the papaya was blending together with the ice cream! interesting performance, and most importantly interesting taste! You can order both of my order and my husband’s! and make it like it was a day of KABUKI dessert!

Regarding the price, it is indeed pricey. The food,  the dessert, the performance, the ambience, the staff,  and the location which is near the Hbf ( the main train station) make it worth the price!

In case you are wondering how many chefs there are, I guess there are around 8 or 10 chefs whose photos and names are hung on the wall next to the register. I tried to remember the names of the chefs who prepared our food, but I could not. There were three different chefs who  prepared food for us: one was responsible for our appetizer, one for our main dish, and the third one was for our dessert. It could be that each chef has his own skills thus he is responsible for one kind of dish, not sure. You can ask them in case you are curious, and be my guest go back here to add to my review. Thanks in advance! However, there is one downside of the restaurant:  they do not provide high chair for babies or small children.

In Germany, it is common to give a tip  in restaurants for example, and the amount of tip varries. For this restaurant? I would suggest not to miss it! Fantastic Japanese restaurant! I am an Indonesian who  has been officially  fan of Japanese food since I was 15.

Pictures will be uploaded soon!!

Oh just noticed that you can see my travel photos on twitter on the right side that says ‘twitter’! You can find Ka bu ki photo there too !https://twitter.com/vogeleins/status/461177613260951552/photo/1

Special thanks to my hubby for the proof-read!

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