This Thing Called ‘In Love with My Baby’

It’s strange, but it’s true that every time I hear friends, or acquaintances, or members of family deliver babies, it brought me back to 17 months ago when I delivered my daughter. It was around 3 P.M  that I started to feel the contraction pain in which I did not realize it was the pain of a real contraction. It was 2 days before the due time. Yes yes I know that only few babies born exactly the same as the due date. Well, the only reason I did not suspect it was the pain of the contraction was because it was indeed my first pregnancy. I still could walk here and there around the house. I had a late lunch with my beloved husband at a simple dining table. Do not ask me about the food! I do not even remember what I ate, but it was clear in my mind that we had lunch at 3 P.M. People I know asked me how the pain was, I mean how it felt. Well, it is difficult to describe, but as I am jotting down some words here, I do really remember the pain. Hmm, I will  try to describe the pain. It feels like your waist is being pulled on both sides on the opposite direction. You know the game ‘Tug of War’? yep! that’s the pain, only that do you become the string instead of those the ones who pull the string. The pain excalated at around 2 A.M! And I just could not stand it any longer. My husband called a taxi, and I grabbed the bag I had prepared. It was all so fast, and we were already in  the hospital. Some nurses came to me and tried to make me relax by saying ‘exhale, inhale’ for I do not know how many times. It was actually easier sad than done, but I tried anyway as I had no other options hehe. I tried to talk to my husband who waited for me next to me trying to entertain me whenever I got so stressed with the pain. There is this PDA system to reduce the pain of contraction that is offered by the hospital where I delivered my baby. I took it! not sure how much it helped, still it was hurt, but maybe less pain, I do not know for sure. My baby did not seem to want to come out soon as she fell asleep in my tummy. The nurse had to put an alarm clock  on my tummy  hoping to wake her up! it was totally  funny, however I could not laugh! how could I?. My husband helped me a lot by holding my head so that I had the power to push. He kept on saying ‘push’ and cheered me when he saw a little black hairy head was about to peek. Then at 11:05 A.M my baby was born!.

She was such a beautiful baby! she is!. I still remember her first gaze looking at me, right into my eyes.There was still blot of blood, then she had to be bathed soon. I cannot believe time goes so fast. She is 17 months old now. She’s getting smarter, well of course every parent will think that his or her kid is smart. 17 months ago, I delivered a wonderful baby whose face, smiles and attitude have brought joy to some of dear friends who accept us as we are, to random people, and to my beloved family here and there, and of course to us; the happy parents. It is amazing to notice that she grows and has achieved more and more new skills. It’s cute to hear her attempts saying words either in German or Bahasa, and a bit of Javanese ( that mostly because of the slip of my tongue that she picks up the words I say).Grow well and stay cheerful dear Nisakandi (Niki).


2 responses to “This Thing Called ‘In Love with My Baby’

  1. Lu… Lovely.. a agree 100% I remember ah too well my children and their birth.. the father side of birth is dramatic too… not all the pain.. but we wished we had shared it.. to see our wives become mothers… is such an amazing moment!!

    • Yep, he helped me by holding my head so that I had the power to push. He helped me a looooot! I cannot understand sometimes that some hospitals in Indonesia do not allow the husband be with the wife during the process.

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