Travelling With Baby on Board: Flying with SIA

Alhamdulillah! We had landed safely in Surabaya, Indonesia on August 27th, 2013. There were of course some quite challenging moments travelling by plane with our 12-month-and-13-days old baby daughter, but overall everything worked pretty well.

We chose SIA (Singapore Airlines), because of its great services and friendliness. When we booked the tickets online, we had made some selections of what we would like to have on board, most especially because we would be travelling with our baby. It goes without saying that asking for a bassinet is highly recommended when one is travelling with a baby ( 0-13 months old..hmm or under 2??). I have a doubt on the range of the ages because of the size of the bassinet. The bassinet is nearly too small for our baby to sleep in therefore she refused to sleep in it. This is one of the challenging moments. For almost 15 hours on board from Frankfurt to Singapore, I had to put my baby to sleep on my arms. Tiring yes of course, but it paid off when I could see my baby’s angelic face sleep peacefully on my arms. I decided not to share this job with my husband because I think it is enough to have only 1 adult feeling tired, so that when one feels tired, the other one could take turn take care of our baby or entertain her when she was not sleeping.

Next to us,there was a Spanish couple with their eight-month old baby named Ona.  It was a good thing for our baby Niki because then she had a friend on board to play together with. Niki is a friendly and adaptable baby. She is often the one who makes the first step to get to know people, you know, like smiling first, coming closer to them first. But, at the same time, she is also cautious. I mean that she does not like it if strangers carry her.

Before travelling on board, I’d been wondering about the diaper change on the toilet, like how easily it could be. Well, not that easy, I would say. The toilet is of course small, and the changing table is not big either. The problem is that the changing table is close to the slanted top of the toilet, so our baby could not sit freely. This changing table is probably okay for babies who are not active, but for active ones this will be a bit difficult. My tips are to give your baby some toys she like to play and bring them while changing. If they are not such a help, you can try to explain things you see in the toilet.

While on board, the crew gave Niki some toys. But Niki was too tired to play.

Overall, it was such a challenging to travel on board with baby. Not only did I try to make my baby feel comfortable, but I also tried to make other passengers comfortable with us. My tips are to breastfeed your baby if she cries a lot. This helps a lot! but when you do not breastfeed, hmm maybe you can offer her bottles or pacifier.

Good luck travelling with baby! I warn you; for sometime it is stressful, but just enjoy it!

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