Travelling With a Toddler(Baby): Packing Stuff

I decided to blog about this to help people out there who are in quest of seeking answers to  questions about this theme. I have been on the quest myself, but so far I do not feel satisfied especially it is because of the lack of the details. So here I am, trying to tell you from the beginning; Packing!!.And I do hope my blog about this will be detailed enough.
Some people do not fancy packing, but for most cases I do.

Travelling  with a toddler is maybe challenging, especially when the destined place is very far; between two countries. We ( my hubby and I) have been travelling a lot with our baby girl since she was 4 months old. So far, it’s been only within Deutschland. And so far, the challenging part has been handled successfully. THIS time, we will be travelling to Indonesia where I come from. We are using Singapore Airlines with a one-hour transit in Singapore.

OK,let’s pack!! But first thing you have to do is listing ALL you need to bring and consult to that when you pack! I list all the things I need in a small agenda.

Oh ya FYI, our daughter is now 12 months 10 days and by the time we are travelling later, she will have been 12 months 13 days.

WHAT YOU NEED is a backpack or wickeltasche or a diaper bag to put all baby things you need during transit and on board.  I will use a backpack from EASTPACK that can hold 32 littre.Eastpack Backpack

  • Socken (some pairs of socks); it is cold on board, so your baby will need them. I have packed three pairs in case she spills some water on the ones she will be wearing, I have already prepared another.
  • All-purposes clothes ( one piece)
  • A small towel
  • A changing pad
  • Some of her favourite toys. But do not worry! in case your baby has not shown a favor to specific toys she has at home, there are always things to distract her attention on board. JUST DO NOT BRING any noisy toys that might bother other passengers!
  • A long thin baby wrap like baby sling. In case my baby cannot sleep in her bassinet, then MAYBE I can lie down on the floor with her, and this sling would be for the floor cover. THIS is still questionable!
  • Three baby spoons; I am used to letting my baby feed herself sometimes ( I am a BLW follower) so I am going to need extra spoons for me to feed her and my baby to feed herself.
  • A nursing cover. I am still breastfeeding, so nursing cover will be a great trick when I want to breastfeed my baby in public. I know there are so many advertisements of nursing covers, but I just use a round scarve.
  • First Aid Kits : Baby wundschutcreme (it is some cream to smear on a wound of scratch for example),Nasentropfen(It is to help to release runny nose by dropping or spraying the liquid inside the nose), thermometer, and suncream that I stored in a small container less than 20 ml I guess. ( when we arrive in Indonesia, we need this due to the high intense of the heat). I put all these in a small bag like thisMini pocket for first aid kits
  • Baby lotion to protect your baby skin from being dry.
  • Some of your favourite baby’s snacks.
  • Some pampers, a sterilizer to sterilize the baby changing pad in the toilet on board.I put these in a small bag and I will take it out of the backpack soon we are on board, so that when changing I do not need to take it out and in again and again in my backpack.
  • Reinigung tücher or wet tissue to clean your baby when changing pampers or after eating.
  • Lätzchen or bib. I bring two disposable ones and the waterproof one.
  • Some pairs of your clothes for changing in case she spills water or anything on your clothes.
  • Baby comb or brush
  • Some pairs of your baby clothes for changing. I prepared long sleeves or her PJ and short sleeves and shorts.
  • Baby food. Well, even though this reputable airlines has confirmed that they will provide the baby food we asked when booking online, but I choose to bring ready-made baby food from HIPP for kid 1-3 years old. In case our baby does not like the food the airlines provide, then we have already prepared.
  • Some plastic container to store the dirty spoons for example.
  • Milk powder that has been stored in a small cointainer.
  • Three or fewer bottles for milk when you make some later. So you do not need to clean them on board. Based on my friends’ experiences who have been travelling with baby on board, it is impossible to clean the bottles on board.
  • Water thermos.

All  2013-08-23 17.06.21

2013-08-23 17.08.20

What about documents? where to put them?I put all the documents like my passport and our daughter’s passport in my handbag. YES a backpack and a handbag, what can I say? I mean it takes alot to bring when travelling with a toddler, but I have stored stuff in the backpack and I think it is OK, not too much to pack I guess. Oh yes, I packed a baby blanket in my handbag too.

I have tips to share:

When I list what I need to put in my backpack, I also write where I put all those stuff in the backpack, for example: In the front pocket, I have already put baby spoons, socks, etc. In the middle pocket, I have already put my baby’s food, pampers, etc. Well, I am a forgetful person heheh, so this way might help me save time find this and that.

So, THAT IS IT for packing stuff! Now I am counting down until the time arrives that we fly to Indonesia.
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3 responses to “Travelling With a Toddler(Baby): Packing Stuff

  1. Wow, I wish I was that organized! My compliments Lulu, looks like a job well done. Besides handy packing it’s also handy indeed to write down where you put the stuff you packed. A long journey ahead of you, but it sounds like you’ve got everything under control. Nothing to do but wait and look forward to your trip. Have a super great time!

    • Well, most of the time I am not that organized, but when it comes to travelling especially this far, I am trying to avoid the hassle. Danke Gerda!

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