Happy Eid 1434 H

It’s been my third year since I celebrated Eid in Germany. It is of course waaaay different from  the Eid  in Indonesia where Islam is the majority, There are some muslim brothers and sisters too here, however when they hold EId prayer, I do not understand the language of the speech after the prayer. This is actually only the minor part I miss about celebrating Eid. There are so many things I miss about it. They are related to culture too; like how my family in Indonesia celebrate it.  In Indonesia, we can hear the ‘takbir’ laudations in the form of such recitations almost the whole night. OK, I understand if for some this might be bothering, but what can man say? if this is the culture of a land where Islam is the majority. Here, in Germany, of course I do not hear such ‘takbir’. To me, it is amazing to hear such ‘takbir’ while cooking some food for the next morning ‘ Eid Ul-Fitr’ day. In some parts of Germany, there are some Indonesian organizations who organize all the things related to Ramadan and Eid. But, sadly, there are a bit far from our city. Maybe next time, I will blog about the cultures in Eid in my next blog. My blog today might be boring! But let me say

HAPPY EID 1434 H !

2 responses to “Happy Eid 1434 H

  1. Happy Eid Lulu! It must indeed be very different to celebrate it in a mostly Christian country. Maybe some time in the future you’re able to travel to Indonesia for the celebration. Hugs!

    • Gerda: Yes, I realize it a lot. I hope so too Gerda. We hope we can celebrate Eid in Indonesia. Hugs

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