A Busy Mom

It’s been 2 years since I moved to Deutschland and I am not really proud of my German. Not that I boast myself, but as I have claimed that I am a foreign-language addict, I am pretty sure I will master this German language.  I know the local people here do understand my Deutsch..well of course  I say something easy. BUT I am not really sure sometimes if my German is grammatically correct. What I want is of course Speak the German Language Correctly….and perfectly? well perfectly is just too high a priority. So ‘correctly’ is more than enough. I am a mom of a smart, healthy baby girl, a wife of a wonderfull supportive husband. Thus I am busy…I am the manager of the house. I only mean to say that ‘Ich hab soooo wenig Zeit zum Deutsch lernen. ” I just hope by this time next year I will have been able to speak this language CORRECTLY! That is not too much to ask or hope.

2 responses to “A Busy Mom

  1. That’s rather a high goal you set yourself. By experience I know German is not an easy language to learn. I never know when to use der/den/die/das/des or whatever… sigh… I hope you get there though! I think language is very important if you live in another country. Good luck with mastering the language even more than you do Lulu!

    • You got that right! German is not easy…but it is not impossible that I might say that it is easy…someday..we’ll see. I know this die der das can be complicated. Oh gosh!. .. Thanks Gerda!

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