For the Little Niki

This post is dedicated to my parents!

Since I was a little even before I could read, I have fallen in love with B.O.O.K.S. I remember that my parents always took us all( my siblings and I ) to bookst
ores every month sometimes once a week. Bookstores have been one of the most fav. places I’d like to visit. Honestly, I can stay there for hours!
To make it short: I would like to introduce books as early as possible to our daughter Niki. I think she loves the idea!!

6 responses to “For the Little Niki

  1. I think that’s a very good idea. Babies should be introduced to books from early on, it is very good for their language skills. I have always loved bookstores, it must be so cool to introduce this world to your little girl and share a love for books!

    • Gerda, it is true that introducing books early on is very important. I think of having a reading corner in her nursery room someday

    • It doesn’t matter whether my lil one can read or not yet. At this early I would like to make her love books. Thanks Tes!

  2. You can’t start early enough. I have fond memories of libary visits as soon as I could read. Both my children were read to and taken to our wonderful public library. Both are avid readers now. A good tradition to pass on!

    • I cannot agree more with you. Reading reading and reading is a way of learning the world.

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