Winter is coming

Winter is coming soon. This winter will be my third winter. There have been lots of new things happen in my life: I am trying to count the blessing. The most beautiful part, and at the same time the most stressful part is the presence of our cute daughter Niki. It is true that having a baby is a blessing even though I have to sacrifice my own needs, but time will pass.


2 responses to “Winter is coming

  1. Enjoy wintter Lulu, the first one with Nikki. The stress will get less, you have to believe that.

  2. Merry meet, the world needs more global citizens. Where are you living now? Oh wait, I looked it up, Oldenburg. You are in the region known as Oost Friesland, no wonder it looked almost-Dutch but not quite. We traveled through there once, on a trip from Amsterdam to Norway. It was amazing how spacious the landscape became right after crossing the border into Germany. It was late June, endless light and spacious skies, crossing wide rivers by ferry. But what a change from Indonesia!

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