Movie Review: The Phantom of the Opera

ReviewReviewReviewReviewReview The Phantom of the Opera Jan 11, ’07 12:15 AM

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Genre: Romance
The first time I watched this movie was about 8 months ago if I am not mistaken. I did not really know if this was a musical movie, but I was suspicious the first time I read the title ” The Phantom of the Opera.”. Actually I had wanted to post this musical movie a long time ago, right after I watched it, but somehow I kept on postponing it. Now that I am listening to the soundtrack again, I remember the movie as well as the really nice classical songs.
The story
I’ll start with the story of “The Phantom of the Opera”. I can’t say that I like musical movies as this is the first western musical movie I have ever seen. I might say that I “fall in love” with this story as it might happen in a real life. This is actually a story about a true love, yet one person denies having it as she knows the fact that the man she thought was such a prince, does not have physical look as a prince. Phantom, as he named himself, falls in love with a girl named Christine. Christine admits hearing the voice of Phantom every night guiding her into a world that is full of music. As Christine is used to the Phantom’s voice, she becomes addicted to his voice and is eager to meet him for real so much that she often becomes depressed as the Phantom does not want to show him up. The Phantom himself is always hidding and guiding Christine on the opera as he is also addicted to Christine’s beauty and great voice. Another boy has fallen in love with Christine and Christine accepts him. In short, the Phantom who is always wearing a mask to cover the fatal scratch on his face, finally meets Christine. Christine who has been addicted to him, becomes surprised as she opens the mask and sees the fatal scratch. At the end, Christine leaves him to marry someone else, but still years go by, she can’t really love her husband as her mind has been attached so deeply to the Phantom until the day she dies. The Phantom himself never stops sending roses to Christine’s grave. A romantic love story that ends in a tragic way. It’s all about COMPASSION
The Music
All the conversations are sung by the actors and the actresses, only few are not. Here is the list of songs on the movie ( I arrange it based on my favorite). For an overview of the songs can be listened here
1. The Mirror
2. Angel of Music
3. Think of Me
4. All I Ask of You
5. All I Ask of You ( reprise)
6. The Phantom of the Opera
7. Learn to be Lonely
8. Prima Donna
9. Wishing you were somehow here again
10. The Point of No Return
11. The Music of the Night
12. Masquerade
13. Down Once More
14. OvertureSo, if you like classical movies, this can be added to you list!. If you don’t, well try to watch it with your spouse, lover or someone special as it is very romantic. It’s not really a serious kind of movie. It is full of enjoyment.

References: Listen to the songs here and order

2 responses to “Movie Review: The Phantom of the Opera

  1. Nice review you wrote Lulu, you have a gift to write reviews. It inspires to read the books and attend the musical. You can notice that you like to write, keep it up!

    • Hi Jürgen..thanks! sorry have not been here for sooo long. I will try to keep on reviewing books or movie. how are you?

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