Book Review : A Man Named Dave

Wow, this is such a touching story. I honestly cried when reading this book even after I put this book away as I finished reading it, I could still cry. I also still remember the pain I felt after reading this book. There were some moments in the story that made me smile and say ” Oh, God, finally”. One day about two years ago, a student of mine was reading this book while waiting for the class to begin. I noticed that she was very serious when reading the book, then I approached her and asked what she was reading. In short, she recommended the book to me. I was interested in reading this book as this book was based on a true story of the author “Dave Pelzer” besides the title had caught my attention ” A Child Called “it” ” why “it” ??. These are two of my reasons why I put this book on my review. If it were not based on a true story, it wouldn’t be interesting to discuss on review. This is a story of a child who had been abused by his own mother and how he reacted to the difficult situation he encountered until finally he was rescued. To me the story tells us about how strong it is the power of faith and hope. The most touching part in the story is when Dave Pelzer says on his parents’ tombs how much he still loves them even for what they had done and that he still considers them being the best part of his life.

Read : October 26th, 2006

One response to “Book Review : A Man Named Dave

  1. Luluuuuuu aku juga punya ini buku 😀 smua aku punya. soooooo touching story indeed. aku jg nangis pas bacanya

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