Beginning to Crocheting Habit?

I am not sure whether this can be called as ‘My new hobby’ as I have begun crocheting a few days ago. The reasons are simple: I was influenced by some friends, and the boredom I somerimes feel for not being so creative lately. Feeling being not so creative is not something nice,I feel like my brain is too empty, and that makes me a bit left behind. So, there I am! I have been crocheting. Has it been fun? I would say yeeeeee-s! I still find some difficulties reading crochet patterns provided by free crocheting sites, but soon I can manage reading them, even better creating my own patterns. I have managed to crochet a set of baby’s stuff: booties, and a cap. I have made future crochet projects which should be finished soon. I have to say this crocheting thing is addictive. I just have to be warned of the addictive high substance it contains, otherwise it would ruin all my other schedule.Okaay, happy crocheting!

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