Preparing My German

All of these ‘hectic’ feelings, activities are completely new to me. I can’t really describe my feelings. It shouldn’t be difficult today. I can tackle it!. Ayo kamu bisa!!!

I am meeting one of the ‘Hebammes’ whom I think, got my number from a Hebammepraxis team I contacted some days ago. I have not prepared a list of questions yet for I have no ideas what to ask, okay maybe only two or three questions, not enough to be considered as a LIST, hehe. Having been here for 10 months is not enough to make my German considered being GOOD. I can communicate though, but just some basic conversation, not really something complicated. Choosing  a Hebamme (midwife) here can be very difficult because of some factors:

1. They might be in a long break when you are due to. And they usually do not recommend us any Hebammes. So Viel Glück or Good luck for our next search is the only respond we get from them.

2. If your German is considered so-so. and you need a Hebamme who at least can speak a bit of English, that might be a bit difficult. Most of the Hebammes here say that they speak English, however this one Hebamme that will come to visit me said on the phone that she only spoke a bit of English, and suggested that we should try to speak in German, and if I get confused we can switch to English. Well, I basically agree with that! I don’t expect to speak English all the time. We’ll see whether she is the one for us. One of the things that make me sure she might be the one is that the way she talked to me on the phone, and replied to my SMS, and my feelings too, telling me that she is a nice, good, friendly person. Well, we’ll see, hopefully my feelings are right.

I have downloaded this application called Google translation which I do not trust 100%. I mean the way it translates phrases or sentences is a bit doubtful, however I can try to ‘correct’ it a bit, hehehe. I just hope the conversation will go smoothly and nicely, so that I do not need to think of this ‘the need of Hebamme’ goal anymore. Goal will be accomplished today! I hope.

I do not care who’s going to read my post, all the blogs I have written are basically written for the sake of myself. But, if any of you is on the path orf searching a Hebamme in Dortmund, Germany. I wish you, or us luck! I’ll keep posting how it goes. Bukti rasa syukur

Ya Gusti semoga dimudahkan semua, Engaku yang Maha Memudahkan. Amiiiin.
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