Tofu via Cellphone

Blogging via my cellphone once in a while is okay, and so long as the post is not something long. Anyway, since I cannot use the internet at home, I’ll use the cellphone.
I have recently read about tofu, the kind of food from soybean that is usually eaten by most Indonesians. There are so many ways to prepare tofu either for the main dish or snacks. It does taste great no matter how it is prepared, well at least in my opinion. Since I moved to Germany, I have not eaten tofu as much as I did when I was still in Indonesia. It is not that it is hard to find it here, but it is probably a bit expensive. Speaking of tofu, many people (Indonesians)claim that tofu is the food for the health. Tofu is normally a fermented soybean, but I have not actually seen the fermentation process myself yet, so it’s kinda strange sometimes when I say ‘Tofu is good for the health’ just because majority says so. As I have read that soybean is better consumed when it is fermented already. Non-fermented soybean contains too much Omega 6.I have read articles about the pro and cons of tofu as the food for health. But, so far, I have found more cons than pros that tofu is a healthy food. I know the key is’ consuming everything too much is not suggested for the health.’. Hmm, at this time, I have become a bit paranoid about the food I am consuming. Now that I found some articles about tofu, the food I like, I should be wiser, I mean not to consume it every day, but every other day? Or once a week?. Hmm anyway, perhaps the solutions to my fear about the food I am consuming at this important time (sorry for some reason, I cannot tell you yet why I call it ‘important tiime’ but when it is the right time, I will tell you.) are:
1.Eat colorful foods (colorful foods contain different vitamin) like eggplants, carrots, water spinach,etc.
2. Do not eat certain food out of the normal portion. In other words, do not eat anything too much.
3.Be wise with what you eat!It never hurts to,say, google about the food you are consuming to find out more about it. For example, what vitamins it contains, the benefits of consuming it, the negative side of consumimg it, and something like that.

Gosh, my fingers are getting hurt because of typing on this small keypads on my cellphone.I’ve got to end the blogging for today. So ciao

3 responses to “Tofu via Cellphone

  1. Hi Lulu, thanks a lot for your information. I’m a quite regular Tofu consumer. Indeed too much of certain foods isn’t healthy. I like Tempeh which is an already fermented soy bean product I think. That tastes also great and even better than Tofu. In Germany it is difficult to find affordable Tofu, that is very strange, might be because there are few vegetarians in Germany. In Holland the Tofu products are much more cheaper and not GMO. It costs around only 1 euro and € 1,50 for a piece of Tempeh. Quite cheap isn’t it?

    • You’re welcome. Yep tempe is already fermented, even tofu, but dont know just do not feel like eating tofu too much now, I do like it , but I have to give it up hehe. In Indonesia people eat tofu and tempe nearly every day, and around 3000 IDR a piece of tempe. Well yes, in Germany it is considered cheap for Asian food, but if I convert it to IDR then 1,50 Euro is around 10,000 IDR and that is whoa! soooo expensive hehe

  2. You are right, but one thing you need stop doing: converting euros in your own currency. Many times it is necessary but it also scares a lot because of the big differences between pricing in the two countries.

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