Smile a Little Smile

Books always interest me, libraries alwayas make me curious. They are kinda magnetic places that absorb the whole of my attention. As if there were some kind of whisper that said ‘Come, and check us!’ I can spend hours spending my time  here. Since I was at schoolI have often spent my time at the library. And I noticed that there are more than one libraries here in Dortmund. I have not been to any but this big central library, maybe someday.

Speaking of library, I often encounter librarians who seem to be very focused on their jobs, which is good. There are quite many people say that librarians are amongst those people who are not considered being friendly, as if their smiles cost too much,therefore they are often seen unfriendly. When I was at college, the librarians at my campus were also as being described as unfriendly for no smiles were given to the clients, or members of the library. My friends and I were sometimes feeling reluctant to talk to them.

I have been going to this library quite often, and dealing with them quite often as well. There are more than 3 librarians here, depending on what kind of services you want. There are services like, Kundenservice or clients service, Ruckgeben (if you would like to return the books you have borrowed), and IT service, or something like that: if you want to use the internet for free for example, and you would like to prolong the time you have been spending for the internet, then you can go to her and tell her. This lady. I think she is around 50 something, never smiles when talking to her customers. Lucky me that she understands my German! I cannot imagine if she had to frown trying to digest my German. This time, I came to her for I want to prolong the free-time-internet usage.She asked me whether I was already logging on, and I said I had been logging on for 30 minutes, and would like to have another one hour. I was waiting for some seconds, and gave the 2 Euro for the fee. And taraaaa!! she smiled! And said ‘Done, I have prolonged the time.’Will this change my opinion about librarians? Well, maybe not. I do not mean to generalize this, that every librarian is hmm smiless, but I do think that they are mostly serious people. I might be wrong! but that’s how I see them, which is not something bad because I am also sometimes a serious person. Anyway! ma’am, it would be great for you and your clients if you do not feel reluctant to give your smiles away!

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