Repost : I Am Living Under Surveillance

Repost: Lingua Franca

A repost from my old blog! ohh I miss my friends there. I have met great people from blogging. Some I have met for real and have become good friends, and some I have lost contact with:((.

Anyhow, I am kinda lazy to start my day today, so I read someone’s post on wordpress about googling your name for fun.
So all you need to do is to google your name + needs
So what Lulu needs? we’ll see….
1.Lulu needs emotional analysis.- Hmm okay, I might be a bit sensitive lately?
2.Lulu needs women. Haha! this makes me cringe!

3.Lulu needs more play time.
That doesn’t sound bad, does it?

4.Lulu needs time to create her own scent.
Hmm I know what I like, so this doesn’t really add up!! I won’t spend so much creating my own scent. I smell like jasmine, perhaps almond, cheese, chocolate, whatever.

5.Lulu needs blog! Gee another blog? Well, three blogs are more than enough. But I think I need to blog more, on wordpress that is, like I said I feel I get more inputs there than here as Multiply is only limited to Multiply-ers.

6.Lulu needs glasses.
Oh yes! That’s just on my list! how did you know??

7.Lulu needs to change her mindset.
LOL I love this! I think this is a kind of reminder that I should be more optmistic in any occasions. For sure, I need to change my mindset about certain things, but that’s not going to be easy.

8. Lulu needs a little mystery.
Does that mean I don’t need to blog about me myself? Well, it has been my principal when blogging.That’s why I even don’t reveal my photos here on the net, at least I tried to change all my personal photos on the net.Let it be a mystery! LOL

9.Lulu needs numbers.
Hmm, I guess in this case means currency? Let’s face it! money is important, but it’s not the only thing in the world one needs to have. But I guess I also need to write down my friends’ phone numbers just in case something’s wrong with my SIM card.

10.Lulu needs jungle friends primate sanctuary.
I can’t stop laughing! really! is this some kind of a coincidence? I just blogged something about these kinds of friends on wordpress : When the “Scary” Forest are Our Saviours
Perhaps, I should go back to Borneo to visit my friends.

It was fun! try with your name for fun! I guarantee it will put a smile on your face, or perhaps I will hear you laugh out aloud, who knows! Happy weekend!!


I did this  fun thing on  July 2010, so I was curious the result of this crazy idea of a friend now(almost 2 years): Let’s see what google says about me!

And turns out Lulu needs a new home and pee! fun!

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2 responses to “Repost : I Am Living Under Surveillance

  1. I think Lulu has a lot of play time, right 🙂 ?
    It is so fun…and I just tried mind..
    apparently the very first few things Tesney needs are “A balanced life” and “computer solutions” 🙂 hehehe

  2. heheh yes, quite.
    Ha! nice wasn’t it?
    You need a balanced life? hehe but I think you do have it already. Perfect Life!

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